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DSBN Lack Of “Equity And Diverse

9.1 Let’s talk about and show off the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki’s original work over the years. Let’s visually observe their long history of senior management and trustees not been “equity and diverse” since 2007.

9.2 This list begins in 2007, 2 years after Warren Hoshizaki joined the DSBN in September 2005. Since then, there have been 68 workers. The remaining 5 could not be confirmed as Caucasian, leaving 63.

9.3 As you can see, since 2007, 100% of all superintendents, Director of Education, senior managers, and trustees have been Caucasians.

9.4 Does anyone believe that this is really a coincidence know the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki illegal hiring past?

9.5 Does anyone believe that there was a lack of qualified racialized individuals at the time that could contribute to the “DSBN family/tree”?

9.6 And that is where the DSBN culture of oppression, bias and racism comes and starts at the DSBN.

9.7 Consider this carefully! The Niagara Area as a whole has never elected a single racialized school trustee to the board, demonstrating how distant they are from any desire for diversity and equity within their own communities.

9.8 And as a result, the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki have definitely noticed and recognized this, leading them to act to appease the residents of the Niagara Region. They fearlessly reciprocate by continuing to maintaining the desire of the residents maintain a Organizational Whiteness DSBN.

9.9 And as a result of this, the DSBN nor Warren Hoshizaki have never employed or placed a single racialized individual as part of its Senior Administration family/team. The residents of Niagara Region talked, and the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki conveniently listened!

9.10 There is a direct connection between these communities/municipalities and the Organizational Whiteness habits of the DSBN, its workforce and their leader Warren Hoshizaki.

9.11 As we have seen the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki have;

  • a. Purposefully and strategically placed racialized individuals in municipalities and parts of the Niagara Area in an effort solely boost workforce percentages.
  • b. Hired and promoted more Persons with Disabilities than all 8 racialized groups combined.
  • c. Significantly underperformed in terms of the proportion of racialized individuals in their overall workforce when even comparing to the (20216) population in the Niagara Region in 2020.
  • d. NEVER employed or placed a single racialized individual as part of its Senior Administration family/team.
  • e. NEVER had a single racialized trustee on their board.
  • f. 8 racialized groups that are outnumbered by White/Europeans by a factor of 21 to 1.
  • g. Employed a disproportionately high number of women verse men by over 2 to 1.
  • h. Unfairly promoted more women, above all males and 8 racialized groups

9.12 The Turner Consulting Group Audit is accurate; this is not simply conjecture.

9.13 The DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki’s White Staffing standards, often known as the Bias of Professionalism Standards, are perfectly illustrated here.

9.14 This is a 2016 picture from the – I Matter: DSBN’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan 2015 – 20202 which is posted online.

9.15 There are 41 DSBN employees in this picture and as expected not a single racialized individual can be seen. Now it is unclear as to what this picture is for, but it would appear to be a DSBN staff or committee picture.

9.16 This is just more visual proof of what the Turner Consulting Group stated in their audit. That the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki were already practicing White Staffing back then.

9.17 If the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki could openly engage in this discriminatory recruiting practice in front of all other workers, the general public, and the public sector. Why should ANYONE not believe that racialized students were never the target of discrimination?

9.18 Keep in mind that White Staffing is a racist practice that does not only occur due to the DSBN or Warren Hoshizaki actions and behavior. There has to be a workforce culture of acceptability as a whole. A culture of employees who sit back and watch it happen all the while remaining silent.