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“Bugs and Annoys Him”
Discussion: Mary Anne Gage Email – November 08, 2021

25.1 Now let us considered the contrasted between the two different recollections of events made by Jacqueline Ravazzolo to Christopher McInnis and Mary Anne Gage.

25.2 Remember back in – PART 22 – “The Words Mentioned” where it was stated “The wording of the response from the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Christopher McInnis and Jacqueline Ravazzolo leaves it open-ended so that they can subsequently edit it and add or remove memories of events or remarks as necessary.”

25.3 Jacqueline Ravazzolo finally spoke up after forty twos days and several emails later. Jacqueline Ravazzolo stated that the applicant’s ONLY COMMENT was that the Marcus “bugs and annoys him.” At that point Jacqueline Ravazzolo subsequently concluded there was no good reason to follow up or obtain a better description as to what Marcus did that “bugs and annoys him.”

25.4 Is Jacqueline Ravazzolo asking us to believe that if this scenario really did happen the way she claims? She failed in her job because she concluded it was not serious enough to merit further investigation. That the applicant dragging Marcus by his hair to the ground was not a serious enough incident to warrant any further inquiry after stating he “bugs and annoys him?”

25.5 One has to assume as a teacher, parent, DSBN employee and investigator. Jacqueline Ravazzolo should and could not have been okay with the idea of not learning the single comment reason as to why a student dragged another student to the ground by their hair.

25.6 The only 3 explanations for why Jacqueline Ravazzolo claims why she did not pursue in learning what “bugs and annoys” the applicant.

  1. Jacqueline Ravazzolo was already semi-aware of what had occurred via Marcus after he told her that he told a Black student that “You are worthless” and that “You should kill yourself.” At that time, she made the intentional decision to end the conversation immediately so that she wouldn’t have to execute the DSBN’s disciplinary policy against Marcus. Or,
  2. Jacqueline Ravazzolo did not care about Marcus hatful actions and was only concerned about making the Angry Black Kid go and apologize to his Caucasian bully. Or maybe
  3. Jacqueline Ravazzolo is outright lying in an attempt to protect her reputation, career and $129,571 a year salary.