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Turner Consulting Group Audit Racialized Population Breakdown

3.1 At this time we need to remember that the statistics provided in regards to – Table 8. Racialized Population, Workforce Census and Niagara Region by Municipality. Permanent Full-time are based against a 2016 Niagara Region racialized population and a 2020 Workforce Census.

3.2 We can see that the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki took great care to ensure that the 2020 – 87% White/European DSBN census workforce met and exceeded the 4-year earlier 2016 total of White/European population in the Niagara Area, which was 86.95%.

3.3 In contrast, every other racialized group was disproportionately smaller and fell far short of matching its Niagara Regional Population equivalents. Except the racialized group of mixed racial origin.

3.4 The latest craze to attempt to address the racism and oppression problems that present in North America is the mixed race phenomena. Companies that value Organizational Whiteness such as the DSBN who are led by people like Warren Hoshizaki. Are fond of mixed-race employees because they get the best of both worlds. They hire racially diverse workers on paper to boost their numbers so they hire individuals with fair skin, who have some White or European attributes. It is a middle ground that appeases the Organizational Whiteness and the need for diversity.

3.5 Is it merely a coincidence that the only other group to outnumber their population percentage was those of Mixed Racial Origin? The reason is that the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki favor mixed-race individuals more than non-mixed-race individuals, plain and simple.

3.6 And considered that there are only in total:

  • 14 – Black, Latin American, Middle Eastern, West Asian individuals,
  • 29 – North American Indigenous individuals,
  • 16 – East/Southeast Asian individuals,
  • 13 – South Asian and an incredible,
  • 78 – MIXED RACE individuals.

3.7 It is clear that the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki have been engaging in the discriminatory practice of White Staffing for a long time.

3.8 The audit by Turner Consulting Group is accurate. Simply said, none of the other racialized groupings even came close to having populations that matched those of the White/European and Mixed Race Origins DSBN workforce percentages.

3.9 Allow this to sink in. Since 2006 Warren Hoshizaki has received about $4.3 million from the DSBN in exchange for implementing and tolerating his racial beliefs within the DSBN. It must be awesome to get paid with the same money, from the same racialized individuals you practice and impose your Organizational Whiteness ideas against. The same racialized individuals who pay taxes so you can get paid. And you get to do it without being held accountable for your racist beliefs and actions. It is true what they say – Canada what a great country for White/European males with positions of authority!

3.10 Could there possible be anything more that could be considered more of a slap in the face to all the racialized groups and individuals that are and have been effect by the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki racist behavior?