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Discussion: Christopher McInnis “He should not hit a girl!”
Timeline: November 03, 2021

38.1 We are all well aware of the DSBN’s documented discriminatory, racist and sexist recruiting practices while Warren Hoshizaki is in charge. Even Christopher McInnis who was trying to humiliate the Black child/student for his purely defensive acts. Was eager to defend the Caucasian bully, aggressor and female student Natasha.

38.2 On November 03, 2021 Christopher McInnis was conversing with the father on the phone as he attempted to minimize Natasha’s irrational and aggressive conduct towards their son.

38.3 Christopher McInnis had expressed his intense worry and displeasure that their son “hit a girl.” In fact, when the father called him out for this statement about hitting “a girl” and his expressed preference for a female students of Caucasian descent. Christopher McInnis, a Caucasian principal quickly got frustrated and hung up the phone on the father after becoming angry with his own inability to retract his statement.

38.4 This just serves to reinforce the idea that the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki are very much the main influencer in the racist and sexist culture and negative behavior of the discriminatory DSBN work force. Remember that Caucasian females are the preferred choice of the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and now Christopher McInnis.