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The Black Student Is Always the Trouble Maker
Discussion: Janice Sargeant Email – November 03, 2023

73.1 In an attempt to persuade the applicants to “re-integrate” their son into geography class, Janice Sargeant sends an email to the parents.

73.2 The applicant’s parents send out an email in response the following day.

73.3 And now Janice Sargeant thinks that this is a great idea as well, and that it would be best for the applicant if his parents forced their son to return to a prejudice geography classroom that has fearlessly shown him that he is not welcomed there.

73.4 The first course of action seems to always be to attempt and persuade the parents to return their son to an environment that is detrimental to his mental and, maybe, physical health. The DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage and Janice Sargeant don’t seem to care about the applicant’s feelings about returning to these settings. However, that is the role of school boards.

73.5 Acknowledge the problem, act as though the Black student is the source of the problem, and then fix the problem by having the Black student return to class as if nothing had happened.

73.6 Similar to Mary Anne Gage and her four other options, Janice Sargeant strategy is to keep the applicant out of class while avoiding having to deal with the immediate issue

73.7 Mary Anne Gage

  • “Schoolwork from his current classroom could be available for pick up at the school or sent via email”
  • “Instructional Outreach (between 5-10 hours per week of instructional support)”
  • “Discuss an alternate school location”
  • “I would like to suggest another possible option, online learning.”

73.8 Janice Sargeant

  • “an alternative to his Geography class we can accommodate him in the resource room during the period 4 block, working on a GLS (General Learning Strategies) credit”

73.9 Therefore, the question is: Why weren’t Mary Anne Gage previous alternatives 2, 3, 4, or 5 available this time? Was it because the applicant and his geography instructor have a regular and normal teacher-student connection, thus, eliminating the possibility of his parents pulling him from school unlike Kevin Maddalena?

73.10 Maybe another motive behind their “options” is an attempt to keep themselves hidden and being held accountable?

73.11 To put it another way, they run the risk of being exposed by an unbiased third party of Janice Sargeant racist behavior and favoritism for a Caucasian student, a teacher, Kevin Elzinga who is indifferent to racist behavior in his classroom, a class that does not accept racialized students, a second teacher, Cameron Stone lied about a racist incident happen in his class, that in fact never happened, and the purposeful protection that everyone involved is giving Janice Sargeant.

73.12 Recall that Mary Anne Gage made these initial offers ONLY AFTER the applicant’s parents removed him from school, and NOT during the 12-day period in which they suspended/expelled him without cause.

73.13 And it appears for this reason neither the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gag nor Janice Sargeant tried to make these identical proposals this time. They did not want to deal with the risk or the consequences of being discovered. So let the sleeping dog lie!

73.14 When the DSBN is at fault, it seems that the practice is to try to keep the issue within the organization and avoid outside parties at all costs. Increasing a greater likelihood of getting away with it. The fewer people who know, the better the chance.

73.15 This behavior that you are witnessing from the DSBN and its staff is not accidental. Rather it is the racist culture of the DSBN desperately hard at work trying not to be held accountable for their actions!