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Not A Burden For Our Son To Carry – “Equity Issues”
Timeline: October 21, 2021 – November 02, 2021

34.1 Remember in the previous Page 33 when it was sated “And when Kevin Maddalena finally had to allow work to go home with the applicant to get help him improving his skills and marks. Kevin Maddalena made it very clear that it would NOT be graded.”

34.2 On October 18, 2021 the applicant brought home Chapter 5 work sheets for the book Fatty Legs to get some help improving his skills and abilities. Kevin Maddalena was aware and okay with it

34.3 Two days later Kevin Maddalena confirms on October 20, 2021 in his email that it was” Not a problem” with the applicant bringing the Fatty Legs work home and getting help to complete it.

34.4 And now suddenly overnight on October 21, 2021, literally out of the thin blue skies, without warning, without cause, without provocation. Kevin Maddalena now has a serious issues with the same Black child/student completing ANY FORM OF SCHOOL WORK at home?

34.5 Four days had passed before Kevin Maddalena decided how to respond to the parents email. When he responds, he does so by reiterating what he already said in his initial email. He seems to be trying to persuade himself into believing that his earlier remarks had been misinterpreted even though he continues to confirm what the parents stated which confuses the parents even more.

34.6 In order to make this crystal clear. Kevin Maddalena believes “A lot of factors come into play when work is being done at home (technology and internet, as well as help from parents and guardians, etc),”

34.7 Kevin Maddalena is trying to make it so the applicant is unable to obtain and properly complete his school work at home. Yes, what you just read is true! Despite promising to do so at the beginning of the year, the DSBN and Kevin Maddalena will not help a struggling student learn and understand what they are studying in class by giving them homework or allowing them to continue their unfinished work at home.

34.8 In the event that a student, such as the applicant is unable to complete their schoolwork in class due to their inability to understand what they are doing. The DSBN and Kevin Maddalena forbid them from taking their school work home to finish it with maybe some assistance. The unfinished work must be postponed until the next day so the student can start the day off behind the rest of the class and is expect to catch up without issue.

34.9 But now when that student attends high school, the DSBN philosophy changes. The DSBN is suddenly fine with students completing their schoolwork at home AND NOW ONLINE. Teachers frequently assign homework that mandates students finish it before their next class by using the internet and computers at home.

34.10 Remember Kevin Maddalena stated “A lot of factors come in to play when work is being done at home (technology and internet, as well as help from parents and guardians, etc) and some students may not receive as much help as others, which is why I am unable to grade things going home…. Some families do not have access to internet, technology or to help at home, so it is not fair for everyone.”

  • At what point did the DSBN and Kevin Maddalena decide that children getting their education was now a competition?
  • At what point did the DSBN and Kevin Maddalena decide that children who progress faster than other students must be limited in their learning curves?
  • And at what point did the DSBN and Kevin Maddalena decide that having access to the internet while at home was consider to be “equity issues” and cheating?
  • And at what point did the DSBN and Kevin Maddalena decide that having access to caring family members to assist their children with school work was consider to be “equity issues” and cheating?
  • And at what point did the DSBN and Kevin Maddalena decide these “equity issues” were to become a burden and a barrier for students like the applicant to prevent them from learning and bettering themselves?

34.11 Keep in mind that the DSBN and Kevin Maddalena want it to be “fair for everyone.” That means if your child can thrive and outperform other students who barely manage to pass the class. It is considered to be an “equity issue” and that is not tolerated by the DSBN and Kevin Maddalena.

34.12 Therefore the DSBN will subsequently have to figure out ways to slow your child down from learning as they are progressing far faster than then their classmates. It not fair that your child has better resources and a caring family to help them at home.

34.13 Does anyone not realize how ridicules and outlandish this sounds? Is there anyone who thinks that the DSBN and Kevin Maddalena bullshit excuse was just that, bullshit in an attempt to justify their behavior against a Black child/student?

34.14 The parents sent an email to Mary Anne Gage about this issue

34.15 And Mary Anne Gage response was,

34.16 As we once again observe the pattern of the DSBN and its workers refusing and doing everything in their power not to address a concern raised by the parents regarding their son. What does Mary Anne Gage do instead? She tries to make them seek answers with the same Kevin Maddalena who started this issue and has obviously not provided any form of rational support for his claims.

34.17 And in place of Mary Anne Gage carrying out her duties and making an effort to actually support the parents. She once more tries to make them interact with Jacqueline Ravazzolo, who clearly had discriminated against their Black son by forcing him to apologize to the Caucasian bully.

34.18 And now Kevin Maddalena is in the middle of this predicament of getting multiple emails from the parents, being silent for more than a year, and completely ignoring them. And in an unexpected move, he was now prepared to defend his boss Jacqueline Ravazzolo by sharing his version of events which basically called the applicant a liar!

34.19 What part of Mary Anne Gage’s wild imagine does it play out that it would be beneficial for the parents to inquire about their son’s education or schooling from these same racist DSBN employees?

34.20 When the parents enquired about matters connected to the behavior of her DSBN staff, Mary Anne Gage had no trouble interjecting herself and raising interference. However, as soon as the parents want more information regarding their son’s ability to learning. Mary Anne Gage suddenly wants nothing to do with it and tries to pigeon hole them back to the people who created this situation and did nothing but target and discriminate against their son.

34.21 Is it not Mary Anne Gage’s responsibility as a School Trustee to be able to respond responsibly to questions of this nature? Does she not have the ability to obtain this knowledge if she is unable to do so? Of course she does; she just chose bullshit the parents and, when corrected, she then diverted the subject back to Jacqueline Ravazzolo and Kevin Maddalena because she knew that it would end there. You know, circle the wagons and hold your ground!

34.22 Mary Anne Gage utilized the alliance between Jacqueline Ravazzolo, Kevin Maddalena, and the poisoned relationship with the parents as an excuse to wipe her hands clean of the issues that the parents raised.

34.23 The only remaining concern was whether Jacqueline Ravazzolo and Kevin Maddalena were aware that she had redirected the issue back onto them? Or was it a coordinated effort to quiet the parents and use the poisoned relationship as a means of achieving their goal—avoiding having to answer the parents’ follow-up questions?

34.24 Currently reading the email from Mary Anne Gage, which was sent on December 23, 2021. Mary Anne Gage stated that “homework tasks” do exist, but steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that the Fatty Legs chapter response of four questions was just precisely that a “homework tasks!”

34.25 Mary Anne Gage seems to think, like Kevin Maddalena, that if she says something enough times, it will ultimately come into existence, even though it was obviously NOT an “assignment for evaluation and tests or exams.” And in an effort to protect Kevin Maddalena from criticism for his prejudiced actions and lies, it appears that Mary Anne Gage thinks she can bullshit the parents into accepting her lies.

34.26 This is the epitome of the phrase one hand washes the other, which refers to a situation in which two people assist one another, cooperate to achieve a common objective, or trade favors.

34.27 Mary Anne Gage helps Kevin Maddalena and is always there for him when he needs her. And Kevin Maddalena will repay the favor in the future when Mary Anne Gage contacts him.

34.28 This explains why, a full year later, Mary Anne Gage states that Kevin Maddalena abruptly and impulsively showed up at a meeting between the same Black child/student in support of his racist supervisor Jacqueline Ravazzolo.

34.29 The applicant’s grades in this case are unimportant to the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage, and Kevin Maddalena. In fact, they made a deliberate effort to avoid assisting him so he could not stay up to par with the other students in the class.

34.30 The DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage and Kevin Maddalena have never tried to help the applicant with his studies or carried out their obligation to inform the applicant’s parents of any potential issues with his grades.

34.31 Why? Because applicant is Black, to put it simply!

34.32 And what better way is there to interfere with Black students’ education? Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage, and Kevin Maddalena are “professionals” who are well aware of the challenges that Black children/students face inside the DSBN and the Ontario educational system.

34.33 They therefore they made the conscious decision to raise the stakes in an effort to further restrict the applicant’s capacity to learn and value education. Additionally, they tried to put more roadblocks and impediments in the way of a racialized child/student rather than help them traverse the system equally.

34.34 They instead chose to ignore the parent’s queries and concerns until numerous emails were sent to them, at which point they realized they had no choice but to respond with a vague and unclear message.

34.35 Whether you like it or not, the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki Organizational Whiteness party at the DSBN, lack the resources and willingness to assist racialized students when issues arise.

34.36 We have observed how the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki have successfully marketed and hired only a particular race and gender to run their schools. And as a result of this, Caucasian students have many more doors they can open and use to navigate the school system. Racialized students, like the applicant are not afforded these same Caucasian privileges.

34.37 Therefore, when Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage and Kevin Maddalena tried to take away and limit as many opportunities from a racialized student and his parents as they could, so as to lower his ability to get help and better his skills. Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage and Kevin Maddalena knew that the applicant would feel it much more significantly in the end than a Caucasian student would.

34.38 The DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Christopher McInnis, Mary Anne Gage, Kevin Maddalena and Jacqueline Ravazzolo never expect the applicant and his parents to have the type of relationship where both parents are actively involved in his day to day activities while at school.

34.39 It appears that they might have thought that the applicant’s father was Black and believed the racist stereotype that he was a deadbeat father who was not there for his son.

34.40 Whereas with the applicant parents from the beginning have always been very actively involved with their children’s education. Asking the applicant and his sister every day what’s new? Anything happen today? What did you learn? Do you have any school work to be completed? Due to racist and prejudiced organizations like the DSBN and the bias culture and individuals within like Warren Hoshizaki, Christopher McInnis, Mary Anne Gage, Kevin Maddalena and Jacqueline Ravazzolo.

34.41 Their behavior against a racialized student in an effort to protect a Caucasian bully like Marcus and themselves is the reason why the applicant’s parents must ALWAYS be vigilant and ask many questions every day.

34.42 The facts are that Caucasian children and their parents with in the DSBN get the privilege of not having to worry about a bias or the targeting of their Caucasian children based on their complexion.

34.43 And it can most certainly be guaranteed that no Caucasian parent has ever claimed that their Caucasian child experienced discrimination because of his skin while attending a DSBN school.

34.44 And it can almost most certainly be guaranteed that no Caucasian parent has ever claimed that their Caucasian child was being deliberately held back with their education and their enjoyment of school because of his skin while attending a DSBN school.

34.45 The only question here is why are there so many individuals willing to go out of their way NOT to help the applicant?

  • The applicant is a well behaved student.
  • Extremely polite and friendly.
  • He thrives on trying to get great marks.
  • Gets along with everyone, even teachers.
  • Enjoys praise and accolades from students and DSBN staff.
  • Is extremely respectful of individuals and DSBN staff.
  • Really enjoys helping other students and DSBN staff when asked.
  • Makes “contributions in the classroom and he has made a great addition this year.”

34.46 So what other possible motivation outside of the applicant complexion could there be that required so much attention to hurting his ability to learn and his educational experience?

34.47 The applicant is an ideal student in any classroom you could put him in. And there is absolutely nothing about him personality that can be disliked.

34.48 It is clear that Kevin Maddalena had no reason to dislike the applicant due to a bad attitude, unruly behavior or annoying presence. The applicant has always been as Kevin Maddalena stated in a phone call to the parents “a role model for other students.”

34.49 Individuals like Kevin Maddalena and organizations like the DSBN affect almost every aspect of racialized individual’s daily life. Research shows that racialized individuals are offered fewer opportunities in higher education and employment than Caucasian people.

  • Black people are treated more harshly and less politely than Caucasian people.
  • Black people receive compromised medical treatment compared to Caucasian people.
  • And even as romantic partners, Black people are considered less desirable then Caucasian people.

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34.50 Remember when Kevin Maddalena sluffed of the repeated abusive behavior of the Caucasian bully Marcus to the applicant with the “You need to get use to his (Marcus) behavior” and the “swearing” as this was normal behavior for him.

34.51 Kevin Maddalena went out of his way at that time to protect Marcus behavior by trying to justify it as normal behavior, so get used to it. Kevin Maddalena should have said at the VERY LOW of the spectrum, but did not; – If Marcus bothers you again, you come and see me and let me know!

34.52 Instead the applicant just got another version of the same old “find something else to do and stay away from him… (You) should play somewhere else.”

34.53 Kevin Maddalena did make sure to find the time to encourage and promote the applicant NOT to enforce his right NOT to be bullied at school. And instead Kevin Maddalena decided to tell the applicant indirectly – Leave me alone with this shit and suck it up!

34.54 I wonder if the race roles were reversed would Kevin Maddalena have told a Caucasian Marcus to just ignore the Black applicant and his cruel and hurtful words and actions and just get used to it and move on?

34.55 NO HE WOULD NOT! All three of them would have left for the office immediately.

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34.56 It is obvious that Kevin Maddalena was trying everything in his power to make it difficult for the applicant to learn and enjoy school. Kevin Maddalena had numerous instances to assist and help the Black applicant with his problems, but he declined to help him EVERY TIME!

34.57 Kevin Maddalena attempted to obstruct and interfere with the applicant’s already underprivileged Black education while attending the DSBN’s long-standing sexist, racist, and discriminatory recruiting and promoting practices, which were overseen by Warren Hoshizaki and brought forward by The Turner Consulting Group.

34.58 Kevin Maddalena was able to clearly see what was happening in his 98% Caucasian Connaught Public School workforce which put him at was at ease enough to use his plan to hunt and target one of his Black students.

34.59 The applicant is an excellent student who would fit in well, in any classroom. In spite of this, Kevin Maddalena who is aware that the system is already rigged against the Black student. Is seeking to undermine the Black student’s educational experience and ability to learn for some unknown personal belief.

34.60 Kevin Maddalena showed no consideration for the applicant’s shortcomings within the Ontario Educational System or the DSBN. Nor did he care about the applicant safety and physical and mental well-being. In reality, he attempted to add more unfavorable experiences and barriers to what the applicant had already encountered at the DSBN by using it as leverage as he attempted to add more on top of it all!