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The Bare Minimum – Grade 2/3 Math
Timeline: September 09, 2021 – September 20, 2021

32.1 On September 9, 2021 the applicant came home from school and told his parents that his new homeroom teacher, Kevin Maddalena, ” was okay with assigning homework.”

32.2 As you can see on September 9, 2021 Kevin Maddalena states that “I will try to get some homework for your son. I feel that reading would be a good start, so will give him a book to keep, and read at home. As for school work, when it is complete and marked and returned to him, I will communicate with him that he is to bring it home for you to see.”

32.3 A week later on September 15, 2021. Kevin Maddalena gives the applicant an Encyclopedia book about sharks and instructs him to read it at home as extra work. Keep in mind that Kevin Maddalena also promised to provide the applicant additional work in Math, English, Science, Geography ect. And instead of following through with giving him actual work. He takes some random Encyclopedia off the class shelf and tells the applicant to read it.

32.4 Why? Because the lazy Kevin Maddalena found it much easier to just hand the application an off the shelf encyclopedia instead of sitting down and preparing some work related to what they are doing in class at the time.

32.5 Kevin Maddalena could not even bother to ask that the applicant submit a straightforward simple book report/summary for him to review.

32.6 The following day on September 16, 2021, the parents asked that their son to show them some of his school works that he had completed for that week in his note books. Their son replied “We don’t write anything down in books, everything is done on the whiteboard.”

32.7 The parents were taken aback while asked their son to explain. How is it possible that the DSBN and Kevin Maddalena do not comprehend the advantages of students;

  • See It,
  • Say It,
  • Hear It, and
  • Write It.

32.8 The parents were baffled as to why Kevin Maddalena was doing everything on a whiteboard, thereby removing a wide variety of teaching methods. That when children;

32.9 So it appeared that the DSBN and Kevin Maddalena were unable to comprehend the significance of these 4 learning styles.

32.10 It also appeared that Kevin Maddalena was a lazy teacher because the applicant explained to his parents that the class was studying content that is covered in Grades 2 and 3 in Ontario schools. This type of work and material that was being taught to the applicant’s grade 7/8 class is taught in Ontario schools in Grade 2/3.

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32.11 The parents starting to piece things together;

  • The parents ask “Can you assign a little bit of work each day to our son?” And after 9 days, Kevin Maddalena finally sends home an Encyclopedia about sharks for their son to read. Kevin Maddalena does not provided or requires their son to answer questions on the material or even write a simple book report/summary.
  • Kevin Maddalena states that “I feel that reading would be a good start, so will give him a book to keep, and read at home”
  • Kevin Maddalena entire grade 7/8 class is doing grade 2/3 math.
  • Kevin Maddalena does everything on a white board in class. Resulting in him not having to give out actual physical work for the students to do.
  • In return now he does NOT have to physical sit down and check the work the students would have handed in to see if it is being done correctly.

32.12 It appears that Kevin Maddalena’s propensity to select the simplest solution for teaching, resulting in the least amount of work and effort being done on his end in every situation, seemed to be becoming a pattern in his classroom.

32.13 The parents email Kevin Maddalena and questioned his choices and abilities.

32.14 After waiting three days for a reply from Kevin Maddalena, the parents sent him a follow-up email that was certain to capture his attention and elicit a response.

32.15 After less than two hours of the second email being sent, and after ignoring the parent’s previous email for three days. The lazy Kevin Maddalena replied back with a simple cut-and-paste statement that he copied from a DSBN document or webpage.

32.16 The eagerness and emphasizing by Kevin Maddalena to underline the potential possibility that the parents may be home schooling their son is the most surprising feature of this lengthy cut and paste response. Kevin Maddalena did not even try to persuade the parents that his classroom and the system works and that homeschooling should only be a last choice WHEN NECESSARY! So why then are the DSBN and Kevin Maddalena so ready to endorse this idea of home schooling?

32.17 Similar to Marcus, no additional follow-up investigation into Jacqueline Ravazzolo’s racist acts would be possible because the applicant would now be transferred totally out of DSBN school system and not attending all together.

32.18 Additionally, after the applicant is in home-schooling. Kevin Maddalena is now unrestricted in continuing to be a lazy teacher without fear of parental repercussions from those who might presumably have too many questions and want too many answers. That would seem to be an excellent argument for Kevin Maddalena to urge the applicant’s parents to homeschool their child. You are aware of the Nudge, Nudge, Hint Hint technique!

32.19 In response to the cut and paste email by Kevin Maddalena that he sent to the parents, the parents sent a follow-up email.

32.20 There was no response from Kevin Maddalena in regards to the email. Total silence, crickets!

32.21 Kevin Maddalena took “There is absolutely no need to respond to this email” to heart and utilized it as an opening not to reassert and assure the parents his desire to see their son succeed and that racism would not exist in his classroom. Instead Kevin Maddalena chose to remain silent as it’s clear that he was upset at being called out on his lies and lazy teaching techniques.