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The DSBN Fails To Follow Government Mandated Requirements

22.1 It is clear looking at the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Christopher McInnis and Jacqueline Ravazzolo response to the parents request for clarification. They made absolutely no attempt to address anything at all.

22.2 Even though the Government of Ontario website clearly states;

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22.3 Even after receiving several email asking for better clarity of what happened and even at the time of this submission. The applicant and his parents have still not received any information regarding “what steps were taken to protect the student’s safety, including any disciplinary measures taken in response to the incident” and have never been provided or offered with any information about “supports for the student in response to the incident.”

22.4 And still after deliberately failing to follow government of Ontario mandated requirements in regards to bullying within Ontario schools. The DSBN’s, Warren Hoshizaki, Christopher McInnis, and Jacqueline Ravazzolo will continue to maintain that they are open and available for parental dialogue at all times. Can you imagine if they did not want to talk to parents about something? One has to wonder what “any future communication” would have been like?