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The Apology
Discussion: Mary Anne Gage Email – November 08, 2021
Discussion: Christopher McInnis Email – October 26, 2021

27.1 In this section we continue to evaluate Jacqueline Ravazzolo statement. If that the applicant “handled the situation well.” Why then did Jacqueline Ravazzolo request that the applicant make amends and apologize to his bully Marcus?

27.2 It’s important to keep in mind that Jacqueline Ravazzolo said she didn’t know why the applicant attacked Marcus at random. Even yet, it was only because the applicant claimed Marcus “bugs and annoys him” that the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Christopher McInnis and Jacqueline let the applicant to leave the situation without any consequences.

27.3 Remember, the DSBN, Christopher McInnis, Warren Hoshizaki, and Jacqueline Ravazzolo did not request or required the bully Marcus to apologize to the applicant for his cruel and discriminatory remarks because they considered that “it was handled in the normal conflict resolution manner.”

27.4 Is it NORMAL for a Black children/students at Connaught Public School and other DSBN schools to be coerce and guilted into apologizing to Caucasian bullies without the DSBN workers fully grasping the circumstances behind the incident?

27.5 So now we need to return to and review some more of Jacqueline Ravazzolo’s statement “The words that you mentioned in your email were never expressed to Mrs. Ravazzolo during the investigation.”

27.6 Jacqueline Ravazzolo does not refuted what occurred, and her ONLY AND SOLE issue with the parents email is that the applicant did not “express” to her that Marcus told him “You are worthless.”

  1. Jacqueline Ravazzolo does not take issue and deny interrupting the applicant during their conversation.
  2. Jacqueline Ravazzolo does not dispute saying that “every story has two sides.”
  3. Jacqueline Ravazzolo does not deny that she used her “good kid” logic to coerce and guilt the applicant into apologizing.

27.7 What Jacqueline Ravazzolo does ONLY object to, is the applicant’s “words” that were “expressed to” her during her pretend single day investigation! LET US BREAK THIS DOWN.

27.8 What is meant by the “words you mentioned in your email were never expressed to Mrs. Ravazzolo during the investigation?”

27.9 Synonyms for the words expressed are; SPOKEN / STATED / VOICED

27.10 Meaning that this statement is not in reference to the parents email in general, but a more specific denial of the words expressed/spoken/stated/voiced by the applicant to the Jacqueline Ravazzolo DURING THE INVESTIGATION.

27.11 So what the statement really reads and should read is;

27.12 So the WORDS you mentioned in your email were never SPOKEN/STATED/VOICED to Jacqueline (by your son) during her investigation.

27.13 Amazingly Jacqueline Ravazzolo ONLY takes issue with the “words… mentioned in your email were never expressed to Mrs. Ravazzolo during the investigation.”

27.14 Interesting enough Jacqueline Ravazzolo does not raise any objections with the “words… expressed” in the parents email that outline her racist and discriminatory behavior. She just has exception with the “words… expressed during the investigation.”

27.15 And as the parents did not take part in Jacqueline Ravazzolo investigation. It has to be the applicant that they are referring to that “expressed… words… TO Mrs. Ravazzolo during the investigation.”

27.16 So Jacqueline Ravazzolo does not;

  1. object to the parents claims that she interrupted the applicant during their conversation.
  2. dispute the parents claims she said that “every story has two sides.”
  3. question the parents claims that she used her “good kid” routine to coerce and guilt the applicant into apologizing.

27.17 And as the parents could not speak on the facts of the situation between their son and the bully Marcus with Jacqueline Ravazzolo during her phone call to them. The only individual that she actually did speak with was the applicant. Therefore the only actual “words expressed to” her about the situation on that day came from the applicant, the Black child/student.

27.18 Remember the truth of the situation is that the only words spoken from the applicant to Jacqueline Ravazzolo was that Marcus told him “You are worthless” before being abruptly cut off.

27.19 So, why is Jacqueline Ravazzolo so concerned with having the “You are worthless” removed from the conversation? Why does Jacqueline Ravazzolo wish to pretend that the applicant never mentioned this?

27.20 As If you believe Jacqueline Ravazzolo claim that she never insisted on asking the applicant why he grabbed Marcus by the hair and dragged him to the ground. She will continue to;

  1. never explained why the Caucasian Marcus was not held accountable for his actions and words “You are worthless”
  2. stand behind her lies that the conversation never happened and therefore never abruptly cut the Black applicant off while trying to explain his side of events. “You are worthless… You should kill yourself”
  3. claim she performed a proper investigate hat was not bias against the Black child/student.
  4. claim there was no reason to follow up on the transfer the next day of Marcus to another school.