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The Start Of The September 2023-2024 At Thorold Secondary School
Timeline: August 31, 2023 – September 01, 2023

63.1 So the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and Mary Anne Gage “will continue to share any information related to your son transition to secondary school.” Who are they sharing information with? It clearly must be the principal Janice Sargeant of Thorold Secondary School where the applicant will be attending grade nine.

63.2 As the parent have never request any information in regards to Thorold Secondary School, it is clear that despite removing the applicant from the DSBN they will keep is transfer to Thorold Secondary School open and in motion for the coming September.

63.3 Thursday, August 31, 2023 two official working school day before school official opens and the applicant parents have still not received any information in regards to their son enrollment into Thorold Secondary School. The parents as their son to reach out to his friends and see if they have received any information about their classes for the upcoming Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday.

63.4 The applicant friends do replay and state that they have received everything they needed earlier in the week. The parents think that maybe the DSBN accidently over looked their son, reaches out to the Thorold Secondary School via email.

63.5 The next day on Friday September 01, 2023 with this being the last official working school day before school official opens the following Tuesday. The applicant’s parents had still not received any information in regards to their son being enrollment into Thorold Secondary School.

63.6 The parents decided they needed to call Thorold Secondary School at 12:15 pm about their son’s enrollment into Thorold Secondary School due to the lack of response for the email sent the day previously.

63.7 While speaking with an individual from the school. She had confirmed that the applicant had been unenrolled into Thorold Secondary School. She stated that she would immediately place him back in “the system” and get him assigned to a class and email all the required information as needed to them.

63.8 She also mentioned that after being suspended from accessing his student school account, the applicant could once again resume using it.

63.9 By 12:38 a Lindsay Harrison reenrolled the applicant into Thorold Secondary High School.

63.10 The question what was the purpose behind unregistering the applicant out the DSBN school system?

63.11 What we do know is that Mary Anne Gage did receive the applicant’s registration form for his coarse selection at Thorold Secondary School.

63.12 At some point it was Mary Anne Gage who decided to play this game of not forwarding this information onto Jacqueline Ravazzolo of Connaught Public School. Or was it was Jacqueline Ravazzolo who decided not to forward the applicants paperwork in just another attempt to show the parents who has control on the situation.

63.13 At this point it is unclear who the perpetrator of this game is. But what is clear is that one or both of these two individuals could not resist the temptation to screw with the applicant and his education just one last time.

63.14 Why would someone/they do something like this, has to make you wonder what was their motivation. It has to make you wonder how mad these must be at the applicant and his parents to deliberately unroll him from attending high school purely out of spite!

63.15 Where they trying to prove how as a woman in charge, they were going to control the situation for as long as they could?

63.16 Were they trying to provoke a negative response from the parents in another attempt to portray them in a negative light?

63.17 Was it just another attempt to hinder and block the applicant’s education in retaliation for the whole situation?

63.18 We will never know, but what we do know is that whatever their reasoning was for not forwarding the applicant paperwork to Thorold Secondary School and unrolling him, was a failed and a deliberate attempt to escalate the situation even more.

63.19 Not only does one have to wonder why it is that Thorold Secondary School did not respond to the parents email from the day before in regards to their son supposed to be enrolled in their school. It again took the parents having to call at 12:15 pm the following day to actually get the ball rolling for their son to be enrolled.

63.20 We all remember Mary Anne Gage, December 13, 2022 email where she stated “and to again express concern that the applicant has not been in school since October 28th.”

63.21 All that can be said to this lie is WOW! Mary Anne Gage must have been really concern about the applicants education when she deliberately unenrolled the applicant for Thorold Secondary School out of hatred for the applicant.

63.22 Mary Anne Gage was soon concerned about the applicant not being in school, that she again deliberately forgot to “share any information related to your son transition to secondary school.” with Thorold Secondary School and the parents.

63.23 Mary Anne Gage could not even be bothered to reach out prior to school starting to inquire if the applicant was registered or not?

63.24 Ohh that’s right, Mary Anne Gage does reach out in concern on September 15, 2023 after being served HRTO compliant with her name on it 10 days later! We will talk about that more in PART 68.