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“Your son is no longer welcome at my school until I
have had the opportunity to hear from him myself.”

Timeline: October 6, 2022

47.1 Following his conversation with his son about the conduct of the Bully Hunter, the father called the school and spoke with the secretary. He requested that she send his son down to the front door of the school with his house keys because he had unintentionally left them with his daughter, who was in Niagara Falls. The secretary stated that she would call up and have the applicant sent right down with his keys.

47.2 After about five minutes, S. Smith and an Jacqueline Ravazzolo approached the father’s work vehicle, which was plainly marked with a company logo, a beacon, cage and a glass hatchback full of tools and equipment. Jacqueline Ravazzolo approached the passenger side window, knelt down and leaned in through the passenger side window.

47.3 As the father had no idea who these two individual were as they made no attempt to introduce themselves or inquire as to whether the applicant was his son. She began by explaining in a discourteous and contentious manner that “ Your son was just in an altercation with another student during French class!”

47.4 The father stated “I know”

47.5 She asked if the father if he “Would be willing to come into the school right now so I can talk to your son about what had happened?”

47.6 The father replied “No, it’s okay”

47.7 She responded “Well how about tomorrow or Tuesday?”

47.8 The father replied again “No, it’s okay”

47.9 Jacqueline Ravazzoloindicated that she was interested in the applicant’s interpretation of the event. The father told her that he will talk with his son when he gets home from work and that he will email the school tonight with what he learns.

47.10 Although the father’s refusal to engage in conversation with her greatly irritated her, she eventually had to accept his recommendation.

47.11 Jacqueline Ravazzolo told the father “I will send your son right down.” The applicant’s father was under the impression that this was in response to his earlier request to kindly have his son bring his keys down for him.

47.12 As Jacqueline Ravazzolo turned to leave when S. Smith loudly stated “WOW, WHAT AN ASSHOLE!” before starting to whisper and speak under her breath to the Jacqueline RavazzoloThe father called out loudly “EXCUSE ME!” The two females choose not to respond or even turn around and merely kept walking and entered the school.

47.13 It’s amazing that the sS. Smith seemed to object to the father’s behavior despite the fact that he was not being disrespectful, obnoxious, rude or even confrontational. However, the same S. Smith saw nothing wrong with her coworkers Jacqueline Ravazzolo combative, bully and impolite demeanor when speaking to the father.

47.14 The applicant’s father suspected at the time, the school had deliberately delayed letting his son bring his keys down to him until S. Smithand and Jacqueline Ravazzolo had a chance to come outside and speak with the father. Their plan was to use the applicant’s son as a pawn in an attempt to prevent the father from leaving before they could get outside to speak with him.

47.15 SIDE NOTE: The following day, the applicant’s father called the school to inquire with the secretary if she had immediately called to have his son come down after he hung up with her the day before. The secretary stated that Jacqueline Ravazzolo gave her the directive to not “call up to the classroom until I can speak with the father out front first.” The father is still unsure as to whether Jacqueline Ravazzolo was originally listening in on the phone call the day before or if the secretary informed her of the call after she hung up?

47.16 While the father was down outside waiting and the applicant was in art class. Jacqueline Ravazzolo and S. Smith entered the doorway of the art room. Jacqueline Ravazzolo called out in a loud, forceful tone, across the entire room, in front of the applicants entire class “Let’s Go!” like he was some kind of dog or servant.

47.17 The applicant looked straight at her and said “No”

47.18 Jacqueline Ravazzolo replied, “Your father’s here to pick you up and take you home.”

47.19 Unbeknownst to the father, who had no idea, as he was only there to merely pick up their son’s house keys.

47.20 The applicant was perplexed Jacqueline Ravazzolo rude behavior as he had just spoke his father about what had happened with the bully Hunter moments earlier, and there had been absolutely no mention of him showing up to take him home.

47.21 The applicant stood up, gathered his belongings and then went down the hall to his homeroom to retrieve the rest of his items before leaving to meet his father out front of the school.

47.22 As the applicant approached the father’s work vehicle, the father stated “Why do you have all your things? I only need your keys.”

47.23 The applicant replied “The principal said I was going home.”

47.24 The father replied “What?”

47.25 The applicant replied, “The principal said you were here to take me home.”

47.26 Because the father was driving a company vehicle and working at the time. He was unable to provide his son with transport home because it is against company policy for him to allow passengers in the company vehicle. As a result of this, the applicant ended up heading home alone, walking.

47.27 While the father was still working, he got an unexpected call from an unknown female from Connaught Public School at 3:29 p.m. asking if had “spoken with your son yet? ” The father explained to the female caller that although he did speak to his son very briefly before sending home on foot, as he is still at work. “It will have to wait until I am done work.”

47.28 The female caller then started suggesting dates for the father and his son to come and visit the school so she (the caller) could question his son about concerns she had about the matter involving Hunter. The father again politely rejected the dates and said, “I’ll email the school tonight.”

47.29 The female caller stated at that point that “Your son is no longer welcome at my school until I have had the opportunity to hear from him myself.”

47.30 The father right away questioned, “Who am I speaking to?” After a brief pause in the conversation, the female caller stated “it is Jacqueline Razzolo, I am the principal at Connaught Public School.”

47.31 The father replied “Are you the one who came to my vehicle today and wanted to talk to me about my son?”

47.32 She replied “Yes”

47.33 The father replied “Why is it that you come to my vehicle and don’t identify yourself to me and now you phone me and still don’t identify yourself to me? Do you do this with all your parents or just me?”

47.34 Jacqueline Ravazzolo went silent and replied “I have to go.”

47.35 The father then replied “Why is it that you came to my vehicle with someone else as if I am a threat? I have never threatened you, threatened to harm or been physically aggressive to you and yet you bring someone with you as protection? Did you bring someone to try and provoke a response from me?”

47.36 After a some more very quick questions from the father and Jacqueline Ravazzolo’s unwillingness and refusal to explain the reasoning for the applicant’s suspension or expulsion. Jacqueline Ravazzolo chose to put the father on hold, instead of just ending the phone call, in an effort to provoke a negative reaction when she eventually did decide to return to the call.

47.37 After waiting for five minutes, the applicant’s father hung up the phone and decided that the DSBN and its workers should be publicly called out for their targeting and racist behavior towards their son and his family.

47.38 Jacqueline Ravazzolo, who served as vice principal last year under principle Christopher McInnis, discovered at that time that the applicants parents do not meet with or communicate with school officials other than by email despite Christopher McInnis being so adamantly that “Furthermore, we welcome any future communication by either phone, MS teams, or in person to avoid any misinterpretation of thoughts.”

47.39 Jacqueline Ravazzolo clearly knew from the year earlier that the parents do not come into meetings. And that there was no way she could make them. She had seen how Christopher McInnis failed a year earlier, so she now decided that as a female, she was going to try and get into a pissing contest with the father.

47.40 Jacqueline Ravazzolo tried to bully and force the parents into a meeting with her, so she could question the applicant in front of his parents. Showing him who the real boss was in this situation!

47.41 Jacqueline Ravazzolo motivation was to show the applicant that his parents could control the narrative with Christopher McInnis, but not with her! That they will eventually have to bow down to her and come into the school for the meeting SHE WANTED AND DEMANDED!

47.42 But Jacqueline Ravazzolo did not foresee that the parents would still not budge in response to her threats of suspension/ expulsion of their son.

47.43 What the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage and Jacqueline Ravazzolo failed to realize was that the applicant’s parents already knew that Jacqueline Ravazzolo had already discussed with each individual classmate that same day about, what happened that day.

47.44 And that they had all corroborated the applicant’s account of how the bully Hunter targeted and harass the Autistic student and his intention to continue to assault him, when applicant intervened to defend his good friend.

47.45 Jacqueline Ravazzolo still suspended/expelled the applicant that evening after learning what happened from the students in the class. The students basically exonerated the applicant of any wrongdoing. Even expressing gratitude and praise for him.

47.46 But in her effort to demonstrate who was in charge, the bully, Jacqueline Ravazzolo continued to enforce her desire to suspend/expelled the applicant.

47.47 Before even giving the parents a chance to send an email outlining the events that were agreed to earlier that day. Jacqueline Ravazzolo made the decision to suspend/expel the applicant as it was clear that Jacqueline Ravazzolo would use all means necessary to get her face-to-face meeting to question the applicant about what she already knew.

47.48 Jacqueline Ravazzolo did not want to question the applicant about the events, she was going to show the applicant who is in real control and that nothing—not even his own allegations about her racist behavior—can stop her. That his parents had no control over her ability to force them to do something they did not want to do. And even after her treatment of him in a racist manner a year earlier, there was nothing he or they could do to hold her accountable for her blatant racist behavior!

47.49 Once more, investigating the situation was not the goal. It was about Caucasian Jacqueline Ravazzolo demonstrating to the Black child/student that she had the power to command others to do what she desired. As Kevin Maddalena had demonstrated with his lie that she was untouchable.