– Closing Points N –

N.1 It is quite telling that S. Masterson was so interested in the applicant and his outdoor activities before school even started. Over the course of two days, the applicant had been hunted by S. Masterson and had multiple unnecessary and very unpleasant interactions with the applicant of which both were hostile, demanding and discriminatory on the part of S. Masterson. – PART 40 – “GET OFF THE GRASS!” and – PART 41 – “Put It Away!”

N.2 The facts are that the applicant since starting to attend Connaught Public School in 2019 has never interacted with S. Masterson before and did not even know his name. And yet, over these two days, S. Masterson had specifically hunted and deliberately pursued the applicant over insignificant issue, speaking in an authoritative manner, threatening to steal/take his phone and attempting to discipline him by forcing him to report to the office for noncompliance which seems extremely rare and excessive. Especially when there are 3 Caucasian students performing the same actions in the same vicinity at the same time!

N.3 The Black applicant was subjected to extremely severe and authoritarian behavior by S. Masterson, a Caucasian teacher. The HRTO must question as to why S. Masterson did not act in the same antagonistic and inappropriate manner towards other Caucasian students who were taking part in the exact same activity, at the exact same time and in the same immediate vicinity. The answer is because the three other students were Caucasian!

N.4 Thus, keep in mind that the applicant was present outside on the common/public space prior to the start of school. He was not interfering with others student’s ability to learn as school had not started. And still S. Masterson approached only the applicant from the group of four to try and intimidate and bully him and also made attempts to unlawfully taking his phone, while delivering demanding threats for him to go to the office as punishment/reprisal for refusing to comply with his very discriminatory behavior and illegal demands.

N.5 And during this exact same time, there was a Caucasian female student in the group of four who also had her phone out and in plan site. And yet again S. Masterson was only worried about enforcing his rules upon the Black applicant.

N.6 It is clear what was going on here. S. Masterson’s sudden desire to hunt down and target ONLY the applicant was base purely some form of negative personal beliefs, reasoning and racial profiling.

N.7 At no time S. Masterson hunted out any of the other 3 Caucasian students doing the same thing as the applicant. And at no time did S. Masterson threaten any of the three Caucasian students with punishment. And at no time did S. Masterson try and illegally and unlawfully take the three Caucasians phones.


N.8 All members of the school community must NOT:

  • engage in bullying behaviors, including cyberbullying;
  • engage in hate propaganda and other forms of behavior motivated by hate or bias

N.9 It is clear that S. Masterson was trying to intimidate and bully ONLY the Black applicant into compliance with what he felt the applicant should be doing. S. Masterson had to be motivated by the applicant’s skin complexion and maybe by a conversation that he had with another DSBN employee, maybe C. Vizzari.

N.10 Given that the applicant has been a student at Connaught Public School since June 2019 and that S. Masters discovered during these two days in October 2022 that his regular behavior and routine were more noteworthy than they had been during the 1,222 calendar days prior, this seems highly dubious and suspicious.

N.11 It’s unclear what happened prior to these two days to suddenly spur S. Masterson to focus exclusively on the Black applicant and his inconsequential acts, which most definitely did not warrant his intervention. But something happen!

Teachers and other school staff

N.12 Under the leadership of their principals, teachers and other school staff maintain a positive learning environment and are expected to hold everyone to the highest standard of respectful and responsible behavior. As role models, teachers and other school staff uphold these high standards when they:

  • help students work to their full potential and develop their sense of self-worth
  • maintain consistent and fair standards of behavior for all students
  • demonstrate respect for one another, all students, parents, volunteers, and other members of the school community

N.13 The applicant cannot and should not be held accountable for having to explaining S. Masterson’s prejudice and discriminatory actions. The reasons underlying his bigoted actions can only be known by S. Masterson.

N.14 But what the applicants do know is that while S. Masterson was hunting and targeting the applicant on the field, and the next day when he walked past 3 other Caucasian students who were doing the exact same thing. Had no issue with any of them!

N.15 S. Masterson shares one similarity with Jacqueline Ravazzolo, which was his decision to spend two days racially profiling the applicant. Upon the applicant’s final refusal to back down, S. Masterson sought the support of his ally and supervisor, Jacqueline Ravazzolo in an attempt to legitimize and enforce his illegal and unlawful actions.

N.16 Remember actions speak louder than words, and S. Masterson actions scream inappropriate and discriminatory behavior!

N.17 And again, if the HRTO is sincere about putting an end to racism in our school boards and schools, it needs to hold people like S. Masterson accountable financially and make it clear that racism in our school boards and schools is unacceptable. That if the racism does not stop, you and your staff members—retired or not—will be held financially responsible for your behavior!