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DSBN Organizational Whiteness And Staffing Practices

1.1 Let’s start by discussing the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki long relationship with a well-established history of oppressive behavior towards staff and potential employees due to their lack of equity and diversity.

1.2 Of the DSBN Board’s total of 5,941 permanent, contract, and occasional DSBN employees. 3,811 DSBN employees indicated that they received and were willing to participate in the workforce census. This is a workforce acceptance response rate of 64%.

1.3 Of the DSBN Board’s total of 5,941 permanent, contract, and occasional DSBN employees, 141 DSBN employees indicated that they received and were NOT willing to participate in the workforce census. This is a workforce decline response rate of 4%.

1.4 Of the DSBN Board’s total of 141 (4%) who admitted that they were NOT willing to participate in the workforce census. 36 of them did indicate that they would be willing to share their reasoning for declining to participate.

1.5 These 36 employees representing 26% of the group that declined to participate offered a wide range of excuses:

  • a. No real answer given, e.g., “no,” “not interested” (7)
  • b. Feel the questions are too personal and intrusive, or feel that it is not legal to ask these questions (7)
  • c. Don’t believe their opinion matters (3)
  • d. Concerned about confidentiality (3)
  • e. Unclear about the purpose of the census or how the information will be used (3)
  • f. Don’t have the time to complete it (2)
  • g. Diversity should not be a consideration when hiring (2)
  • h. Casual or occasional employee (2)
  • i. Will be retiring soon (2)
  • j. Confused this survey with the Equity and Inclusion Survey administered last year for the Employment Systems Review (2)
  • k. Feel the census is a waste of money (1)
  • l. Don’t like to complete surveys (1)
  • m. New employee (1)

1.6 Whatever this group’s justification, it is not acceptable. A little more than one out of every three DSBN employees, or 36% of the total DSBN workforce, declined to NOT participate.

1.7 Reviewing a similar DSBN Confidential Self-Identification Survey given out to the DSBN workforce by the DSBN. It clearly shows a continued pattern of these surveys being a basic, unobtrusive and uncomplicated request. There are no questions that ask the employees about their opinions and it keeps their identity anonymous.

1.8 Just like the Turner Consulting Group survey, the DSBN employees;

  • a. Do not have to fear repercussions for their responses and participation.
  • b. Had more than enough time over 2 months to complete the simple census online.
  • c. Are protected by total confidentiality and have complete anonymity from being identified/no login required.
  • d. Do not have to answer any opinion related questions on race, age, sex, religion, sexual preference or about the DSBN.
  • e. Can complete the census from ANY electronic device on ANY Wi-Fi signal ensuring their anonymity.

1.9 We can all see that the same format is there when looking at the DSBN student “My Voice Counts” survey, which is seen below.

Read More – DSBN Student Census Survey

1.11 Once more, the “My Voice Counts” survey is straightforward, inconspicuous, and easy to complete. The user’s opinions are not solicited in any of the questions, and their name and identity remains a secret. There is absolutely no logical reason why this or the Workforce Survey should not have been completed.

1.12 This means that, in general, any employee who did not participate in the Turner Consulting Group census did so because they simply do not care about EQUITY AND DIVERSITY at the DSBN and find nothing wrong with an 87% Organizational Whiteness DSBN workforce.
1.13 The census, as you can see, was anonymously conducted, was conducted online for 2 months, did not ask for any personal opinions, and only required information that was readily available to everyone (such as race, job title, and place of employment,) and could be done from ANY electronic device on any Wi-Fi signal ensuring anonymity.

1.14 The Turner Consulting Group was only concerned with asking the obvious questions concerning the DSBN’s organizational structure and their employees. There was no reason for employee to think that the Turner Consulting Group was attempting to steal their information or attempt to identify ANYONE who was filling out the census.

1.15 So if a DSBN employee choose not to complete the online census it was because either they were reluctant to answer truthfully and put themselves out there because they believed they had to conceal their opinions for fear of being discovered, or they simply didn’t care about EQUITY AND DIVERSITY at the DSBN.