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Introducing the Caucasian Bully Hunter – Encounter One
Timeline: October 06, 2021

36.1 During this same time and before Christopher McInnis refused to allow the applicant to change classrooms. The applicant and his family were dealing with the DSBN and the racist behavior of Jacqueline Ravazzolo and her handling and protection of the Caucasian bully Marcus.

36.2 Now on October 6, 2021 the applicant’s best friend (Student Name) came over to the family’s home after school as he commonly did. As the two children were in the applicant’s room, the applicant came out and approached his father telling him that (Student Name) was very upset about the events of that day. The applicant told his father that a Caucasian bully named Hunter had physically assaulted (Student Name) that day.

36.3 When the father entered the room, he started asking (Student Name) about what had transpired that day. After the conversation, the applicant’s father sat down and sent Christopher McInnis, the principal of Connaught School Public School, an email outlining the problem and asking for action.

36.4 At Connaught Public School, there was yet another instance of a Caucasian bully student picking on a student who looked and acted different from them.

36.5 Later on that day, Christopher McInnis responded.

36.6 Two days later on October 08, 2021 he applicant observed Hunter standing without fear in front of his best friend (Student Name) was in the schoolyard during morning recess. The applicant quickly moved in to observe what was happening because he was aware that (Student Name) and Hunter were not friends and to show his best friend he was there for him.

36.7 As the applicant got closer he heard the bully Hunter telling (Student Name) that “You play like a bitch!” This was in reference to a game of Dodgeball they played in gym class.

36.8 The applicant heard the verbal and derogatory insult and as promised, he intervened between Hunter and his friend (Student Name) . The applicant advised Hunter to “FUCK OFF and leave my friend alone!”

36.9 The Caucasian bully Hunter turned and stood facing the applicant and appeared to be sizing him up for a moment before saying “Fuck You Bitch!” and walking away.

36.10 The applicant and (Student Name) talked about the encounter and decided there was no need bringing it up to anyone because nothing ever changes. The applicant reassured his friend (Student Name) that “I have your back and I’ll watch out for Hunter to make sure he doesn’t bother you anymore.”