– Closing Points B –

It Has Been Established That Racism, Sexism And
Discrimination Really Exist At The DSBN.

B.1 Without a doubt, the Turner Consulting Group showed the true nature of the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki. That there is a culture of underlings (workforce) that tolerates and condones the racism, sexism and discrimination behavior that the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki engage in on a daily basis for almost two decades against racialized individuals.

B.2 And for this kind of extreme racist and discriminatory Organizational Whiteness behavior to even exist within the organization there HAS TO BE a workforce culture that accepts it!

B.3 For instance, Connaught Public School is a perfect example. They have a 98% Caucasian workforce, right there in their Caucasian faces every day and they knew it. And NOT ONE Caucasian face cared to question why it was so racially unbalanced against racialized individuals? And does anyone really think that they are the only school in the DSBN’s 99 schools under the direction of Warren Hoshizaki with this same issue?

B.4 It’s been said that if something looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, IT’S NOTHING BUT A DUCK!

B.5 Numerous articles, data and graphs have been referenced to demonstrate how unfairly Ontario school boards treat racialized children/students, particularly Black children/students. And reviewing all of this factual data alongside the applicant’s experiences with the DSBN during the previous past two years. It is obvious that the applicant could have composed this exact set of facts for himself.

B.6 As you can see, racism, misandry, prejudice and discriminatory behavior have not just been practiced by the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki. They have allowed it to permeate the culture of the workplace, manifesting itself not only in staff promotions and hiring decisions, but also in the way that it is portrayed by staff onto racialized children/students, including the applicant. Because the DSBN workforce knows that if you Tow-The-Line, You-Be-Fine. So don’t be that squeaky wheel!