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“To avoid any misinterpretation of thoughts.”
Discussion: Christopher McInnis Email – October 26, 2021

48.1 Let us quickly go back and address this ridicules excuse that is always given by school boards not to respond to parents concerns via emails“ to avoid any misinterpretation of thoughts.”

48.2 Communicating with parents via email is a common practice when it suits the needs of the school boards and their workforce. Teachers and school boards, including the DSBN gladly send out emails on a daily basis to parents. And yet there is no concern about “any misinterpretation of thoughts” at these times.

48.3 That is because the teacher and school boards controls the narrative, content and have no fear of their words coming back to bite them in the ass. But the moment a parent wants answers to a question in regards to their child and what is going on in the student’s school. Suddenly school boards and their workforce are so deeply concerned about parents “misinterpretation“ the teacher thoughts that they don’t even try to explain or provided clarification in an email.

48.4 So when Jacqueline Ravazzolo demands that she “question” the applicant in person on the matter has three beneficial folds for her and the DSBN.

  1. She does not have to written anything down in an email to prevent her from being pigeon holed into a statement,
  2. She can try an pick the applicant mouth in regards any future litigation arguments, and
  3. She believes it shows the applicant her power and dominance over his parents.

48.5 It is incredible that a group of highly educated people in a teaching environment are worried about their capacity to communicate their own thoughts to worried parents and worry that there may be a “misinterpretation of thoughts.”

48.6 How are these skilled professionals able to perform their professions effectively every day if they are so concerned about their ability to communicate themselves clearly in an email? Why don’t they worry about their incapacity to convey what they think about the content they are teaching to the students?

48.7 Perhaps this explains why Ontario’s EQAO scores are so poor? It is their inability to effectively explain themselves.

48.8 As laughable as it is, the reality of the facts are that the culture at the DSBN notwithstanding just their dismissive and protection of their Caucasian workforce and students. There is a constant effort to try and limit the evidence that it even exist.

48.9 This is something that we will go into more depth about in a following sections, but it involves not only the DSBN but all school boards that try to prevent any evidence from being collected to address the racism that permeates Ontario schools.