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Introducing S. Masterson – Encounter One “GET OFF THE GRASS!”
Timeline: October 05, 2022

40.1 The applicant arrived and did what he and his friends commonly did before school started which was sometimes gather at the benches in the North-West corner of the school playing field. Represented by the Red Circle Labelled 1

40.2 As the applicant entered the school property and was walking approximately about 20 meters north of the concrete pad, on the playing field. Represented by the Red Line Labelled 2

40.3 A male Caucasian teacher, S. Masterson, who the applicant did not know, was standing at the edge of the concreate pad and yelled in a stern and commanding tone, “YOU! GET OFF THE GRASS!” Represented by the Blue Letter X

40.4 The applicant stopped and looked directly at S. Matterson to confirm that it was him, he was speaking to after being initially confused as to who was yelling so loud. Represented by the Red/Yellow Line Connection Labelled 3

40.5 S. Matterson shouted again in a stern, commanding and insulting tone at the applicant. “YES YOU! GET OFF THE GRASS!”

40.6 The applicant decided to avoid any further conflict by heading directly to the concrete walkway along the western edge of the playing field to get to his friends who had already gathered in the regular meeting area, which was on the grass of the playing field. Represented by the Yellow Line Labelled 4

40.7 The applicant was confused and felt intimated by S. Matterson’s sudden loud, rude and unexpected behavior towards him for no apparent reason.

40.8 The applicant was confused as to why S. Masterson kept telling ONLY him to “GET OF THE GRASS” as there was no rule in place about staying off the grass. In fact there were other students on the same playing field including his friends who were waiting for him in the usual area.

40.9 The applicant realized that S. Masterson was not instructing any of the other students to “GET OFF THE GRASS!” who were also on the same playing field.

40.10 The applicant eventually reached his waiting friends after making an unnecessary detour to get there and continued on with his day.