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“Handled the Situation Really Well”
Discussion: Mary Anne Gage Email – November 08, 2021

26.1 Let’s now consider the claim made by Jacqueline Ravazzolo that “also shared with you that the applicant handled the situation really well. At this point the conversation escalated.”

26.2 How does Jacqueline Ravazzolo know that the applicant “handled the situation really well?”

26.3 Remember that Jacqueline Ravazzolo had no clear understanding of why the applicant pulled Marcus by the hair and dragged him to the ground. At that point the ONLY COMMENT and explanation the applicant gave to Jacqueline Ravazzolo was that Marcus “bugs and annoys him.”

26.4 At that point Jacqueline Ravazzolo only had endless amounts of speculation as to why the applicant might have done it.

  1. The applicant might have pulled Marcus’ hair if he had disliked Marcus odor.
  2. The applicant could have yanked Marcus’s hair and dragged him to the ground purely out of amusement.
  3. The applicant might have done it merely to intimidate Marcus, or
  4. Perhaps the applicant did it because Marcus invaded his personal space, told him “You are worthless” and advised “You kill yourself.”

26.5 And still despite the fact that there was no explicit rationale reason given by the applicant other than he “bugs and annoys him” for his behavior. Jacqueline Ravazzolo was comfortable in stating that the applicant’s behavior was proper, acceptable and “handled the situation really well!”

26.6 Jacqueline Ravazzolo never reprimands, disciplines or suspends the applicant for the apparent random, unjustified and unexplained act of violence against Marcus who “bugs and annoys” him.

26.7 In fact according to the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage, Christopher McInnis and Jacqueline Ravazzolo the applicant “handled the situation really well.” And interesting enough, despite the fact that Jacqueline Ravazzolo essentially had no idea why it all happened. Everyone concerned found that the applicant was innocent of all wrongdoing, PERIOD!

26.8 So is the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage, Christopher McInnis and Jacqueline Ravazzolo stating that by the applicant only stating “he bugs and annoys me.” It was enough of a justification to drag Marcus to the ground by his hair? It appears so!

26.9 Another intriguing element of the case is that when Jacqueline Ravazzolo spoke to the applicant’s father, she informed him that his son had been in a physically altercation with a fellow student, but was fine. He had “handle the situation really well.”

26.10 Let’s take note of the fact that had the applicant DID NOT provided Jacqueline Ravazzolo with a real justification. So how could she have known at the time that the applicant handled the matter well enough to inform the parents?

26.11 According to Jacqueline Ravazzolo she had to be unsure of what occurred. So how and why would she tell the applicant’s parents such a thing? Keeping in mind that Jacqueline Ravazzolo had asked the applicant twice why he had pulled Marcus hair and the applicant only responded that “he bugs and annoys me.”

26.12 So as she learned nothing from the parents at that time since they hadn’t been able to talk to their son about what had happened that day. The parents did not email the school with any information regarding the situation until the next day.

26.13 Jacqueline Ravazzolo is however confident enough to inform the applicants parents that despite her obvious lack of understanding of the true circumstances surrounding the applicant’s recent sudden, violent and random assault upon Marcus. The applicant “handled the situation really well”

26.14 Let us REALLY emphasize this point!

26.15 The only details about the applicant’s dealings with Marcus from that day that Jacqueline Ravazzolo could have known at that time, still after speaking to his parents is that according to her own statement is that;

  • the applicant attacked Marcus without cause;
  • the applicant attacks Marcus randomly;
  • the applicant randomly pulled the Marcus by his hair;
  • the applicant than dragged Marcus to the ground by his hair;
  • all because he “bugs and annoys” the applicant

26.16 Although Marcus earlier denied saying “You are worthless” and “You should kill yourself” to his teacher Kevin Maddalena outside. It could also be assumed that he did not tell Jacqueline Ravazzolo. Or did he tell Jacqueline Ravazzolo, and she chooses to ignore it so she does not have to enforce the DSBN’s disciplinary policy against him?

26.17 Despite the uncertainties surrounding what actually occurred with Jacqueline Ravazzolo. Nonetheless she made the decision to allow the applicant to return to class without the need for disciplinary action.

26.18 Remember that when Jacqueline Ravazzolo called the applicant’s parents, there was absolutely no discussion about how to handle the situation or about taking any disciplinary action as a result of the applicant’s actions against Marcus as Jacqueline Ravazzolo stated their son “handled the situation very well.”

26.19 The obvious explanation for Jacqueline Ravazzolo illogical behavior is that the applicant’s did at least partially “expressed” to Jacqueline Ravazzolo the “You are worthless” statement and before being cut off. Which was sufficient enough for Jacqueline Ravazzolo to draw the opinion that there was no need for any disciplinary action against him.

26.20 In Jacqueline Ravazzolo mind, the applicant applied the appropriate force and did not use excessive force against a known bully who is known to the entire school staff. And instead of Jacqueline Ravazzolo pushing the issue any further and potentially putting the Caucasian Marcus on the hot seat for the cruel and hurtful words that he said to the applicant. Jacqueline Ravazzolo chose to end the matter at that point, releasing Marcus from responsibility and accountability for his actions against the applicant.