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The DSBN Tries To Benefit and Capitalize From a Poisoned Relationship
Timeline: October 25, 2021 – October 26, 2021

35.1 Christopher McInnis clearly stated in his October 26, 2021 email that he is denying the parents request to transfer their son to a different teacher

35.2 This is where the future table against the applicant and his parents was set by Christopher McInnis.

35.3 Christopher McInnis, like Mary Anne Gage believed it was a fantastic idea to leave the applicant with a teacher who was obviously not interested in seeing him succeed and who was actually going out of his way and breaking his word to make sure the student couldn’t catch up and maintain parity with the rest of the class.

35.4 Christopher McInnis believed it was an amazing opportunity to continue to leave the applicant with a teacher who was clearly poisoning the student and teacher professional relationship that is required in every DSBN classroom.

35.5 It appears that a pattern has emerged in which the DSBN seeks to make applicants feel as unpleasant and uncomfortable as possible in an effort to either get him to refuse to go to school or to have his parents eventually withdraw him and home school him because the Connaught Public School environment was toxic and unsafe for their son to be around.