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The Parents Respond
Discussion: Jacqueline Ravazzolo Email – October 6, 2022

51.1 The parents do reply to Jacqueline Ravazzolo email of October 6, 2022.

51.2 The parents also forwarded an email Mary Anne Gage about the suspension/expulsion the following day on October 7, 2022.

51.3 Mary Anne Gage amazingly stated “In response to your email please know that your son has not been suspended from Connaught School.”

51.4 It is a safe assumption to think that Jacqueline Ravazzolo is now very familiar with what happened between the applicant, his Autistic friend and the bully Hunter as she has now spoken with each individual student from the applicant’s French class. It makes perfect sense that at this point, 24+ hours later, Jacqueline Ravazzolo has now told Mary Anne Gage the entire narrative and that she herself is now fully aware of what happened.