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Requesting Clarification
Discussion: Christopher McInnis Email – October 26, 2021
Timeline: October 21, 2021 / November 05, 2021

21.1 Despite the parents sending multiple letters to the DSBN and Christopher McInnis requesting a written explanation for Jacquelin Ravazzolo discriminatory treatment of the applicant, they refused to respond to the parent’s request.

21.2 When the DSBN and Christopher McInnis finally did decide to respond, it was not until October 26, 2021 solely out of fear of having to deal with a prospective complaint being made with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

21.3 And when the DSBN and Christopher McInnis did respond to the request for clarity. They could not have been more purposefully evasive to the parents concerns about what specifically transpired that day.

21.4 When the parents once more asked for a sincere explanation of what transpired that day. Christopher McInnis responded;

21.5 Despite their deliberate lack of an attempt to explain what transpired. The very last line of their statement is what is astonishing. “Furthermore, we welcome any future communication by either phone, MS teams, or in person to avoid any misinterpretation of thoughts.”

21.6 Their own contradiction of words and actions in their response, “we welcome any future dialogue,” was another intriguing statement.

21.7 This is an odd way to view “WORK TOGETHER.” The DSBN, Christopher McInnis, and Jacqueline Ravazzolo are not connected to any specific comment or description of the events since they only give a very general and vague reaction with no explanation purposeful recollection of what happened.

21.8 Given that it took three emails, a threat to engage the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and 20 days to receive a response. It is pretty obvious that Christopher McInnis, the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, and Jacqueline Ravazzolo did not want to “WORK TOGETHER” with parents about their concerns

21.9 Does this appear to be a genuine attempt by Christopher McInnis, the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, and Jacqueline Ravazzolo to “we welcome any future dialogue” with the parents? What would they have done if they had decided not “WORK TOGETHER” with the parents? Actions speak louder than words and those of Christopher McInnis, the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, and Jacqueline Ravazzolo certainly do just that.

21.10 Also intriguing is the fact that Jacqueline Ravazzolo had a lot to say when she brought the applicant out of class and into the common and open hallway.

21.11 However Jacqueline Ravazzolo has now changed her behavior and wants to avoid conflicts and having to answer any questions about why she discriminated against the applicant? It appears that when it comes to her own actions, her behavior amazing transforms.

21.12 Jacqueline Ravazzolo has decided to uphold her right to remain silent, much like the applicant attempted to do back on September 27, 2021.

21.13 Did the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki or Christopher McInnis try to pressure or guilt Jacqueline Ravazzolo into telling the parents what happened? Most likely not, as it seems they have urged her to stay quiet and they offer only the vaguest of explanations.

21.14 Then, when the parents requested further clarity, the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, and Christopher McInnis completely disregarded them, treating them as though they had made an absurd and ridicules request.