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How Serious A Problem Is Bullying?

X.1 “dered just part of growing up. Research and experience consistently show that bullying is a serious issue, with far-reaching consequences for the students involved, their families and peers, and the community around them. Students who are bullied often deal with social anxiety, loneliness, withdrawal, physical illnesses, and low self-esteem. They can also develop phobias, take on aggressive behavior, or slide into depression. Some students miss school, see their marks drop, or even leave school altogether. The path is also rocky for those who bully. Children and teens that learn to see aggression as power may stop caring about the difference between right and wrong in general. Eventually, they may become abusive adults”

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X.2 So let us now talk quickly about what could have occurred when the DSBN and their co-defendants refused to address the applicant’s experience of being bullied by students and teachers.

X.3 Again, the DSBN and its co-defendants were more than happy to overlook the extremely negative effects that may have resulted from all of this, as well as the applicants bullies who were both DSBN employees and students.

X.4 Adriana had been bullied leading up to the assault on February 1, 2023, her family said. The gruesome attack was captured on video and promptly uploaded to social media, where Adriana became the target of more vitriol and cyberbullying. Less than two days later, Adriana killed herself in her home as a result of the emotional distress, humiliation, and embarrassment she experienced

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X.5 Bullied to Death in America’s Schools. 160,000 children stay home from school out of fear of being bullied.

X.6 Last April, Jack Reid, a 17-year-old junior at one of the nation’s elite boarding schools, tucked a Bible into his gym shorts and a note into his pocket directing his parents to a Google document explaining his feelings of despair. Then, inside his dorm room, he took his own life. On Sunday, the anniversary of Jack’s death, the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey offered an extraordinary admission of failure, publicly acknowledging that it had been aware that Jack was being bullied by other students, but that it had fallen tragically short of its obligation to protect him.

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X.7 Moreno Valley officials ignored a series of complaints that their child was being bullied at Landmark middle school, where he attended. Stolz was essentially left to fend for himself because the school about 65 miles (105km) east of Los Angeles had not implemented an anti-bullying policy at the time of the complaints, the Salcedos contended. It reached a fatal conclusion when one of Stolz’s eighth-grade classmates struck him in the head while they were on their lunch break. Stolz – who had his arms lowered at his side – fell, hit his head against a pillar and continued being beaten by two classmates while a bystander recorded video of the attack.

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X.8 CHICAGO, IL – In January, Robert and Rose Bronstein endured every parent’s worst nightmare when they discovered that their son had died by suicide in the family bathroom. In the weeks following, the grieving parents were shocked to discover the depth of bullying that their son had endured at the Latin School of Chicago…bullying that the parents say Latin administrators have been trying to cover up ever since. We had known that my son was being ostracized and harassed at Latin School, says Rose Bronstein, grieving mother. We contacted the administrators over 30 times, but again and again we were rebuffed by staff, including Bridget Hennessy, the 9th and 10th Grade Dean of Students, and Kristine Von Ogden, Upper School Director at Latin.

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X.9 A teenager has died after he was attacked by a 15-strong mob of other students outside his Las Vegas school. Nevada schoolboy Jonathan Lewis, who was 17, was severely beaten in the attack on November 1 and was rushed to hospital where he remained on life support until succumbing to his injuries last week. The boy’s father, also named Jonathan Lewis, said the teenager was targeted because he had tried to stand up for a smaller boy who was being bullied.

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X.10 And these types of articles are what the DSBN and co-defendants were willing to risk and endanger the mental health of the applicant every time they happily allowed a Caucasian student and teacher to bully him and walk away without accountability.

X.11 It has been incredibly difficult and draining for the applicant to simply be enrolled in the Ontario school system. However, the DSBN’s intentional efforts to punish him for drawing attention to the DSBN’s racist community and culture and their behavior towards him will have a lasting impact on him and his family.

X.12 Recall that he already has to deal with racism on a daily basis as a Black man living in a country where two out of every three Canadians think it doesn’t exist or isn’t a problem, while he is continuously the target of stereotypes.

X.13 Recall that Cameron Stone and Kevin Maddalena had planned to refute the applicant’s version of events with their deliberate lies. And as a result of their deliberate lies, the applicant would have found it exceedingly challenging, if not impossible to ever interact with them when the time came.

X.14 They were more than happy to create this toxic atmosphere, and then stand in the front of class, secretly touting their “White Pride” and “White Privilege” as he is forced to sit in his seat and watch them show no remorse for what they had done to him on purpose, and knowing there was nothing he or his family could do about it at that point. Because in the end, his recollection of events to the DSBN was a worthless as an open jar of common air!

X.15 Are you truly aware of the lasting consequences this has on any child/student, let alone child/students who identify as Black? Being aware that someone is intentionally trying to harm you in order to protect a Caucasian supervisor or themselves?

X.16 And then when the Black applicant declines to allow any Caucasian DSBN employee into their social circle or refuses to trust them. It doesn’t take long for everyone to assume that he is some Angry Black Male.

X.17 In what seems to be an effort to repeatedly remove the applicant from the system in order to implement the Marcus Effect, the DSBN and their co-defendants put themselves in this predicament.

X.18 The applicant and his family will always be affected by the things that the DSBN and their co-defendants did, making it difficult for everyone, especially the applicant to move on from. Furthermore, this is just another school board that has once again lost the trust that they have built up over the years.

X.19 Without thinking about how it might impact the applicant and his family. The DSBN and their co-defendants were prepared to do whatever it took to protect one another. Not a single person has ever apologized or even expressed true empathy for the hardships the applicant and his family have endured over the past two years. And that speaks volumes about the racist and discriminating community and culture of the DSBN, which is always talking about getting rid of racism from its system.

X.20 These applications relate to the applicant, his parents and sister as well as the DSBN and their co-defendants actions, and the short and long-term emotional and mental impact that it has had on the applicant and his family. Racism is not an isolated, benign incident. EVERYONE IS AFFECTED, BUT MORE SO when a child is involved.

X.21 What is especially troubling is the DSBN proudly promotes its anti-racism stance and pledges to always take all necessary actions to bring an end to it. They have established several Caucasian committees to put an end to it and countless funds to fund it. As it was said and done just to appease the racialized masses, it was ultimately lip service.

X.22 Taking into account that furniture never gets changed. The truth is that nothing will change except for the next racialized child/student name, who will be victimized by the racial, sexist and discriminatory DSBN community or student(s).

X.23 Even though they aren’t setting fire to crosses on the schoolyard grounds, at least with the Ku Klux Klan you knew exactly what you were getting. They never acted as though they liked your presence or wish for the success. In contrast, the DSBN pretends to be concerned about ending racism and bullying while putting in place a system that is specifically meant to jeopardize the education, mental health and fundamental rights of racialized children/students.

X.24 Once more, at least you knew what you were getting with the Klu Klux Klan.

X.25 The DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki are not sheep; they are wolves. Promising reforms for 18 years, but in private they do everything they can to crush a Black student’s morale, physical well-being and social faith because they won’t stop ignoring the Caucasian bullies who wanted to ruin his life by wreaking havoc!

X.26 The DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki believe that by approaching the game in this manner, they can achieve the best of both worlds. They thought for nearly twenty years that they could practice racism, sexism and discrimination in the organization’s recruiting and promotion processes while still talking about the lies of equality! That in and of itself reveals the true nature of the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and the racist and sexist community and culture at the DSBN!

X.27 The DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki do not fear society, they don’t even fear the HRTO and they certainly don’t fear any repercussions for their racist and sexist behavior from their employees. Because in the end when shit hits the fan. People quit “RETIRE” and walk away and the Marcus Effect again takes place.

X.28 Do you believe that this is the first or second instance of someone quitting the DSBN due to controversy? Most likely not, as the DSBN has tested and proven this approach. Recall those three months into the 2021–2022 school year, Christopher McInnis abruptly and unexpectedly announced his “retirement” after refusing to confront vice principal Jacqueline Ravazzolo and the Caucasian bullies about their actions against the Black applicant?

X.29 The only way the DSBN and their co-defendants will be able to learn from and stop their racist actions is if they pay up. These are not impressionable young children who were unaware of the consequences of their words and deeds or who did not know any better. THEY ARE GROWN ASS ADULTS who were well aware of what they were doing and they persisted in doing it. They acted without concern, remorse, sympathy or regard on how their illegal behavior would impact the applicant, his sibling and parents well-being, because THEY JUST DID NOT CARE!

X.30 They permitted their biased opinions and convictions to get in the way of their required professional conduct. They did not treat the applicant unfairly; rather, in an racist effort to defend themselves and their racist community and culture. They handled the applicant cruelly, abusively and intentionally caused him mental suffering and physical harm.

X.31 The applicant and his family should never have been subjected to this level of hurt, sadness, hostility and outright lying by the DSBN and their co-defendants. So financial penalties must be imposed that are severe enough to have the possibility to result in the DSBN firing some of their co-defendants because they are now potential liabilities to reoffend again.

X.32 And in light of the daily lip service given by the DSBN to combating racism and bullies through the racist community and culture within system. The termination of even one co-defendant would undoubtedly send a strong message to DSBN employees that genuine change is going to occur, LIKE IT OR NOT!

X.33 The parents did nothing more than send their son to a school system in hopes he would learn and be able to better himself. Instead he is now forced to drops classes, feels insecure about himself, fears that being Black is a negative in his life and now his parents and sibling have to constantly worry and monitor for that the next incident that could become violent against him, because the DSBN and the co-defendants have been exposed in a clear pattern of not properly intervening when required and asked.

X.34 This family will never be the same, even though they will always love, support, and look out for one another. The DSBN has only made them overly aware of the cruelty and bigotry in our society. That what’s next in life for the applicant if a mere school board like the DSBN and the co-defendants could be so vile and heartless toward their son and family?

X.35 Any Black person, who has had to go through this experience, undoubtedly has to hold a different perspective on both the educational system and the outside world. Always curious about when the timing of the next racist incident is going to be that will cross their paths? With Blacks deeply troubled cultural past, how is the Black community expected to maintain the belief that school boards can still be effective and not racist?

X.36 And because nothing ever changes, many in the Black community—like the applicant’s mother and sibling—just say, “FUCK IT” because as a Black individual you are prepared to turn away and accept it for what it is, as well as to learn to ignore it, adjust to it and accept it as a normal part of life. LIKE IT OR NOT!

X.37 From the head to the tail, the government and system are corrupt. And what would lead anyone to believe differently after witnessing the DSBN and their co-defendants actions during the previous two arduous years?

X.38 And the problem is that by you confronting the DSBN about their racist behavior. You have committed the crime of noticing. You are supposed watch and not be heard. You are not allowed to say publicly what so many others are thinking privately, and are too afraid for their children education to speak up about it.

X.39 And the DSBN and its racist community and culture believe that if you dare speak up and say what everyone else is thinking privately. You need to be made an example of, and you better get right back into your lane and stay there! But the problem is that the DSBN and its community and culture of racism has already intruded on your families lane first!

X.40 There’s a proverb that says that you shouldn’t lift the stone if you’re not prepared to see the snake’s head. And now that the stone has been lifted, everyone is able to see the snake’s head and its true appearance/colors!