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The Deliberate Act of Embellishment
Discussion: Mary Anne Gage Email – November 08, 2021

29.1 Let us now look at Mary Anne Gage’s use of exaggeration and embellishment for her personal benefit. “Jacqueline Ravazzolo also shared with you that the applicant handled the situation really well. At this point the conversation escalated.”

29.2 What logical reason would any parent get “escalated” if their child handled an abusive scenario well?

29.3 This is what parents mean when they say that school boards love to label children and parents whenever they have the opportunity in order to defend themselves. Because everyone believes a teacher, it helps them conceal their own defects inside the system. Why would a teacher want to fabricate lies on a student? This is one of several strategies used by the DSBN and other school board’s arsenals for diverting attention away from their problematic behavior or questions about their lack of professionalism.

29.4 Jacqueline Ravazzolo is a bully who wants to push her beliefs on others and does not allow individuals to speak their opinions on a matter. When you finally have to forcefully tell her to “SHUT UP” and remind her that “every conversation has two sides”.

29.5 Jacqueline Ravazzolo will suddenly claim the parent “escalated” the dialogue in an attempt to influence her narrative by portraying the parent as an unrealistic and overbearing.

29.6 According to any school board, you as a parent have no authority to question ANY EMPLOYEE! Let alone tell them to “SHUT-UP” so you can continue your sentence after they abruptly cut you off suddenly.

29.7 When a parent asks a teacher, a member of the support staff or the school board itself about any dubious treatment of their child. School boards will immediately begin creating documentation so that anyone reading and looking into the matter in the future will conclude the parent was unrealistic and uncooperative from the start.

29.8 And when parents refuse to accept the nonsense justifications or lack of reasoning for their employee’s behavior, school boards adore the idea of portraying concerned parents as angry and disgruntled.

29.9 School boards like the DSBN and employees like Jacqueline Ravazzolo, would pit their professional reputation against any parent or student in an attempt to divert attention away from the true issue at hand, the parents’ concerns.

29.10 They will abandon the parents concerns, claiming that despite never fully addressing the concerns in any meaningful detail. That all the parents are entitled to is the very limited and vaguely word explanation provided and any further inquiries is deemed harassment, undesired and all subsequent conversations are regarded “escalated” in demeanor.

29.11 Despite the fact that the dialogue did not escalate, as falsely represented by the DSBN and Jacqueline Ravazzolo and now Mary Anne Gage. It didn’t stop them from portraying the parent as an angry, out-of-control, illogical and unmanageable person.

29.12 How dare a parent express dissatisfaction with a school board! You are no longer a concerned parent seeking an answer for what is wrong with your child. You are an irritated parent who refuses to stay in your lane and remain silent after the parent found out the applicant “handled the situation really well.” Despite the Governments own website posting that clearly outlines that parents have righto know!

29.13 The DSBN having this belief that parents have no says is ridicules. What the DSBN refuses to understand is that they are hired and paid agents to teach our children. That the rights of a parent to make that decision or not to purse concerns about their children while in their care, as must as the DSBN wishes to disagree is not supersede the parents mandate rights to a full and fear investigation, what steps were taken to protect the student’s safety, disciplinary measures taken in response to the incident, what steps were taken to protect the student’s safety, including any disciplinary measures taken in response to the incident.

29.14 Not a loosely and vaguely word explanation that clear does not address the parents real concern for the racist behavior of a vice-principal Jacqueline Ravazzolo.

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29.15 Also intriguing about this section is the fact that Jacqueline Ravazzolo had a lot to say when she brought the
applicant out of class and into the open and common hallway and was more than prepared to be argumentative,
confrontational and very over opinionated with her phone calls to th