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Introducing the Caucasian Kevin Elzinga – Encounter One
Timeline: September 25, 2023

64.1 Just 20 days into the new academic year a Thorold Secondary School on September 25, 2023. Another issue of racism from inside the DSBN surfaces.

64.2 The applicant was attending geography class during the day’s final period. Due to the regular teacher being absent on that particular day. The class was being taught by two different supply teachers, at two different times. Kevin Elzinga was the first of the two educators who would teach the geography class that day.

64.3 During the time Kevin Elzinga was present in the classroom. A Caucasian student who was literally sitting in the front row, directly in front of Kevin Elzinga, started using racist and very anti-Black slurs towards a Black student who was present at the back of the class.

64.4 The Caucasian student made references like “HEY MY CHOCOLATE TIMBIT… YOU’RE MY SLAVE, DO MY WORK, OUR I’LL WHIP YOU!”

64.5 The fact that the student engaged in such anti-Black and demeaning behavior in a DSBN classroom alone indicates that he had previously gotten away with it before. And because the Organizational Whiteness DBSN and its culture of acceptance of discrimination has never held him accountable. He obviously feels no remorse in using racist slurs in front of Kevin Elzinga, a teacher, who is seated six feet away, directly in front him.

64.6 Yes that is correct! While the Caucasian student sat in the front row directly in front of a Caucasian Kevin Elzinga. He hurled racial insults at a Black student in the BACK of the classroom while Kevin Elzinga was only six feet away at his desk.

64.7 What then did Kevin Elzinga do? Nothing, not a single thing!

64.8 Instead, Kevin Elzinga chose to sit and observe what was happening. This conduct continued for a couple of minutes, and Kevin Elzinga did not bother to end it. He sat there unconcerned, probably reasoning that if the two Black students involved were fine with it, why shouldn’t he be?

64.9 Kevin Elzinga ignore the fact that the Black applicant/student who was sitting immediately to right of the racist Caucasian student, 2 seats to his right. Had to sit, listen and endure this unacceptable behavior because he as a DSBN teacher refused and failed to invoke his mandated responsibility to at least address and stop this racist behavior immediately.

64.10 After school, the applicant got into their family car without telling his father about it. The applicant’s father could tell that his son was obviously upset about something. The father asked his son what was wrong and the applicant stated “I don’t want to talk about it, maybe later?” The father did not continue and made the decision to give his son some space and left it at that.

64.11 When the father again picked up his son from school at the end of the next day. After a few minutes of driving, the father saw his son was staring out the windows and appeared to be wiping his eyes. The father again had noticed that his son was abnormally quiet again.

64.12 The father stopped the car after pulling over into a side street where he asked “What’s wrong? What happened?”

64.13 The applicant began by outlining what transpired in geography class the day before. The father asked “Why did you tell me or your mom yesterday?” He stated “Why did you tell me or your mom yesterday?” The applicant stated “Nothing has changed; everything is still the same crap at this school as every other school! So I just can’t be bothered to talk about it anymore. I am just going to suck it up and ignore them!”