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Say My Name, Say My Name
Timeline: September 24, 2022

45.1 Referring to the incident on September 25, 2022, when the applicant was lying on the ground resting when the Caucasian Bully Hunter started to continuously kicked and assaulted him.

45.2 The female Caucasian teacher C. Vizzari made a really intriguing comment. When she ultimately made the decision to stop the applicant, she said in a loud voice, “Hey (APPLICANT NAME) what’s going on?…”

45.3 Prior to that moment, the applicant like with the male Caucasian teacher, S. Masterson. Had never spoken or interacted with C. Vizzari at any time prior to the incident so how did C. Vizzari know the applicants name?

45.4 So remembering that C. Vizzari has acknowledged that she talks about students to her two children at home. She has now also confirmed there is gossip at Connaught Public School about the Black applicant and that it appears to be were so widespread that she was familiar with his name.

45.5 Therefore, it’s possible that C. Vizzari had been the one to gossip with her coworker, S. Masterson in order to help him form his biased and discriminatory opinion of the applicant? Which ultimately led to S. Masterson beginning to look and hunt for the applicant over a two-day period for matters that were so trivial and unwarranted that his behavior it is highly questionable and suspicious as to his true motivations for even starting the interactions with the applicant?