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Another Jacqueline Ravazzolo – Encounter Two “GIVE ME YOUR PHONE!”
Timeline: October 6, 2022

42.1 After the school bell rang to signal the beginning of the procedure of students lining up to enter the school. Jacqueline Ravazzolo exited the school and walk directly towards the applicant. (Represented by the White Circle Labelled 2)

42.2 As Jacqueline Ravazzolo approached the group, she stated to the applicant “You Are Not Supposed To Have Your Phone Out!” while the applicants Caucasian classmate still had her phone out in the open, in her hand.

42.3 The applicant and his friends halted from walking and the applicant kept quiet and merely looked at Jacqueline Ravazzolo.

42.4 Jacqueline Ravazzolo again repeated her statement in a no firmer tone “YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO HAVE YOUR PHONE OUT! YOU WILL NEED TO GO TO THE OFFICE AND GIVE ME YOUR PHONE!”

42.5 The applicant replied, “You can go to the office and call my father” and started again walking towards his class queue as his friends followed.

42.6 At that point Jacqueline Ravazzolo turned around and passed the applicant while returning into the school through the identical exit she came out through. (Represented by the White Circle Labelled 2)

42.7 After that, the applicant and his friends entered the school and their homeroom. As they entered their homeroom, their teacher Kevin Maddalena was at his desk greeting students.

42.8 Jacqueline Ravazzolo appeared at the classroom door a few minutes after the applicant entered and Kevin Maddalena got up and left the class to speak with her outside in the hallway.

42.9 Kevin Maddalena returned to class after a couple of minutes and headed immediately to where the applicant was seated and spoke to him while he was with a group of his friends.

42.10 Kevin Maddalena stated to the applicant “( Applicant name) you know you’re not going to win this fight over your phone! It’s just a rule made up by the DSBN and we have to follow it.”

42.11 The applicant was embarrassed and humiliated to see himself being singled out in front of his entire class and friends again as a troublemaker by Kevin Maddalena despite seeing three other Caucasian students on their phones outside.

42.12 The applicant again was shocked by Kevin Maddalena’s sudden need for involvement and the feeling that he was trying to intimidate him with his opinion on the situation and in support for Jacqueline Ravazzolo and S. Masterson.

42.13 The applicant remained silent because he didn’t know how to respond, and wonder why Kevin Maddalena was becoming so engaged in this situation because he plainly didn’t know what happened during the confrontations or what had happened with other Caucasian students and their phones outside.

42.14 The applicant could tell Kevin Maddalena had no interest in learning the entire story, that he was bias and siding with Jacqueline Ravazzolo and S. Masterson because he wanted to get involved!

42.15 Following Kevin Maddalena’s statement, there was a brief moment of silence as Kevin Maddalena continued to hover over the applicant, waiting for a response.

42.16 After the applicant did not respond, Kevin Maddalena returned to the front of the class to begin the day’s teachings.

42.17 The first thing to consider in this situation is why S. Masterson hunting and targeting the applicant who is a Black child/student?

42.18 Second, why S. Masterson suddenly become so interested in the applicant and what he is doing outside before school starts?

42.19 However, in the past two days, the applicant has had been hunted by S. Masterson and had two unnecessary and unpleasant experiences with him of which both were antagonistic, demanding and discriminatory on the part of S. Masterson.

42.20 The fact are that the applicant since starting to attend Connaught Public School in September 2019 has never interacted with this teacher before and did not even know his name. And yet, over the past two days, S. Masterson had specifically hunted and targeted the applicant over trivial matters, speaking in an authoritative manner, threatening to steal his phone, and tried punishing him by trying to make him go to the office for noncompliance.

42.21 Does the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and the DSBN workforce not realize that they do not have the authority to DEMAND and TAKE any student’s personal property and that they cannot threaten to send the student to the office as punishment or reprisal for refusing to comply with their bias and illegal demands to hand over their phones?

The criminal code expressly states that;

Criminal Code – Theft

322 (1) Every one commits theft who fraudulently and without color of right takes, or fraudulently and without color of right converts to his use or to the use of another person, anything, whether animate or inanimate, with intent

(a) to deprive, temporarily or absolutely, the owner of it, or a person who has a special property or interest in it, of the thing or of his property or interest in it;

Criminal Code – Intimidation

423 (1) Everyone is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than five years or is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction who,

wrongfully and without lawful authority, for the purpose of compelling another person to abstain from doing anything that he or she has a lawful right to do, or to do anything that he or she has a lawful right to abstain from doing,

(d) hides any tools, clothes or other property owned or used by that person, or deprives him or her of them or hinders him or her in the use of them;

42.22 In spite of this fact that their actions were highly inappropriate and bordering on criminal, Caucasian, S. Masterson, a teacher, and Caucasian Jacqueline Ravazzolo, a principal, believed they could bully, intimidate, and demand the applicant turn over his personal phone.

42.23 Why were S. Masterson and Jacqueline Ravazzolo so driven to obtain the personal phone of the Black student? If they received it, what were they planning to do with it?

• Attempt to circumvent any passcodes on the applicant’s phone so they can search it.
• Remove the SD Card so they can look at it on their computer?
• Or was it merely an effort on the part of the Caucasian adults, who they perceive to be in a position of power, to tell the black child/student who was in charge and to stay in his lane and adhere to their commands?

42.24 Remember that S. Masterson and Jacqueline Ravazzolo only address the applicant while discussing the situation of cell phones use. Why was it just the applicant being subjected to their harsh and authoritarian behavior whereas the other Caucasian students who were engaging in the same activity at the same time were not?

42.25 What were S. Masterson and Jacqueline Ravazzolo going to do at the office with applicant, exactly when he got there? Use some 1960s-era views on punishment and spank him? Discuss the problem with him?

42.26 In any case, it was obvious that they were not going to talk to him about the events because his parents have been very clear on numerous occasions over the years that “No one is allowed to question or try and guilt our son into anything until his mother or I have spoken with him.”

42.27 And as S. Masterson or Jacqueline Ravazzolo has never called or emailed the parents to discuss this issue of their son’s phone use with them. Why was it such an important matter at the time that they initial attempt to send the applicant to the office over it?

42.28 Was Jacqueline Ravazzolo going to try and utilize the guilt trip again to make the applicant feel bad for refusing to be singled out, just because he was Black and apologize to her and S. Masterson?