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It Is Now All About Trying to Save Face With The HRTO

68.1 Remember when it was spoken about how Janice Sargeant had tried to ignore the parents concerns in the email, request for assistance in regards to racist behavior within a DSBN classroom.

68.2 And only after the parents filed a HRTO complaint against Janice Sargeant, it only took eight minutes to response after the parents had already waited more than 24 hours.

68.3 Janice Sargeant is not the only one to behave like this. Mary Anne Gage and Warren Hoshizaki, have taken this same route.

68.4 After years of offering absolutely no support to the applicant and his family, after years of EVER even acknowledging that there might be the existence of racism involved in these continues issues. Not once did the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage, Christopher McInnis, Jacqueline Ravazzolo or Kevin Maddalena EVER utter any words to reassure the applicant and his family that racism is not tolerate within the DSBN an that they would do everything within their powers to investigate the situation.

68.5 Can you imagine a business like the DSBN who so proudly flaunts their sexist, discriminatory and bias hiring practices freely for all to see DID NOT FOR TWO YEARS once offer any kind of reassurance to the applicant or his family!

68.6 WOW, that says a lot! It says that their desire to rid the DSBN of racism and discrimination is just lip service and means absolutely nothing. It sounds might familiar, similar to same behavior the Catholic Church used while killing of Indigenous children over hundreds of years. Or the rape and abuse of hundreds of thousands of other children they never once acknowledging their evil and corrupt moral ways until they were confronted with the evidence.

68.7 Well we can welcome Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage now Janice Sargeant to this club.

68.8 Remember there is no doubt that Janice Sargeant refused for over a day to even acknowledge the parents email with a simple response. Only after being served with a HRTO complaint that was amend to include her name, did she quickly responded to the parents email from the day earlier IN ONLY eight minutes.

68.9 On September 5, 2023 an HRTO complaint was filed which included Warren Hoshizaki and Mary Anne Gage.

68.10 It took Mary Anne Gage ONLY 10 days to start to try and cover-up her behavior. Mary Anne Gage suddenly now decided to offer the Black applicant and his family a link to resources that would assist them “I am available to meet either in-person, through MS Teams, or by phone. We can arrange for an advocate or third-party who may provide support to work through the concerns brought forward. We have a list of community organizations on our website, specifically under the culturally responsive supports’ section https://www.dsbn.org/equity/community-connections/ who may be of support. We also have access to the DSBN Human Rights Advisor who could provide support at this time.”

68.11 Why suddenly now was Mary Anne Gage willing to even acknowledge the parents concerns of racism, let alone offer support? She clearly now believes there is something to it as she herself is offering to intervene after two years with the assists of an “advocate or third-party who may provide support to work through the concerns”

68.12 It appears that since being served with the HRTO compliant, Mary Anne Gage has had a sudden change of heart and sees the writing on the wall in regards to the family concerns of the racist behavior at Connaught Public School.

68.13 Remember for two years Mary Anne Gage never once even acknowledged the exist of a racial issue, let alone even try and assure the family that she would not tolerate it. But suddenly after receiving her HRTO compliant was delivered, now Mary Anne Gage has taken up the cause to start champion for the applicant and his family. Even for the first time in two years, offering to call in an “advocate or third-party“ to help begin addressing the issue of racism within the DSBN? So very interesting.

68.14 But it does not stop there. Even the Director of Education, yes the Director of Education Warren Hoshizaki himself personal email the family to offer support for the first time in two years.

68.15 After filing the second part of the HRTO compliant on September 18, 2023. Warren Hoshizaki out of nowhere unexpectedly and very randomly sent the parents an email two days later on September 20, 2023 stating:

68.16 Now this was extremely interesting. The family began to wonder why it was that Warren Hoshizaki was now so suddenly inclined to get involved and offer his support to the applicant and his family?

68.17 One has to wonder what the reasoning for his sudden involvement was. Did Warren Hoshizaki have a sudden change of heart also? Or did he just see the writing on the wall in regards to the family concerns of the racist behavior in Connaught Public School and got scared?

68.18 Well when the parent deicide to reach out to Charline Grant in an email in regards to this very question. Her response explained it all!