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Introducing the Caucasian Janice Sargeant
Timeline: September 25, 2023 – September 29, 2023

Thorold Secondary School 

65.1 The parents promptly sent an email for action through to the principal Janice Sargeant.

65.2 After the parents did not receive a response by the end of the following day. The parents again had to send a follow up email.

65.3 3 hours had passed from the last email and it was clear that no response was coming in regards to Kevin Elzinga racist behavior or what was being done about it.

65.4 The parents know that a response is not fourth coming, because as previous patterns had shown over the past two years. The DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki , Mary Anne Gage and now Janice Sargeant had no intentions of address the parents concerns until at least multiple emails were sent to them in regards to the same issue..

65.5 So the parents decided that this deliberate practice by DSBN employees of not wanting communicate with them in regards to their concerns for their son’s well-being while attend one of their Secondary Schools was not going to go unaddressed and that they were no longer going to play this waiting game, and have to send multiple emails about the issues over a period of days anymore!

65.6 The next email the parents sent later that night was a HRTO application/ complaint against Janice Sargeant in regards to her inability to handle this racist and anti-Black situation appropriately.

65.7 Amazingly after not responding to the parents concerns about the racist Kevin Elzinga and the incident within a DSBN classroom for more than a day.

65.8 Janice Sargeant received the applicant’s HRTO complaint and supporting documents at 6:20 PM. Astonishing, Jance Sargeant suddenly found the time at 6:28 PM, ONLY EIGHT MINUTES LATER, to express her deepest sympathy for the applicant for what he had experienced and the parents concerns.

65.9 Why is it that the parents have to always resort to an extreme measure to get any form of response from the DSBN in regards to their son and his safety and well-being?

65.10 Janice Sargeant was definitely aware of the experience that the applicant had while in her school for more than a day. And at no point in time, did she take the time to send a simple email response to the parents. Reaching out to them to assure the family that she was in fact going to look into the situation and get right back to them.

65.11 The DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage or Janice Sargeant showed absolutely no interest or concern that entire day about the applicants exposure to the discriminatory behavior of Kevin Elzinga and a racist Caucasian student until after receiving the HRTO complaint.

65.12 Not once during the course of the entire school day did the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage or Janice Sargeant determine that maybe it would be advantageous at the very least, to acknowledge the parents email and that someone, anyone will take their concerns SERIOUSLY and will INVESTIGATE!

65.13 Recall how Kevin Maddalena tried to dismiss the applicant’s parent’s inquiries and worries about his inability to assign schoolwork using what we assume he believes to be the archaic old method of using a pencil and paper. And the parents again had to send him a follow-up email that they knew would get his attention and get a reaction. Which it did accomplish!

65.14 Well 2 days after receiving the HRTO complaint, Janice Sargeant finally sends her promised follow up email.

65.15 Keep in mind that the class had two substitute teachers on this particular day and Janice Sargeant’s email served as confirmation of this. “In one instance the teacher (Cam Stone) did interrupt and stopped and redirected students. One teacher (Kevin Elzinga) did not intervene”

65.16 As this email seems to be slightly fictional and inaccurate to the parents, they went back to their son and asked him to again explained his experience again to them. And after elaborating on it and using the same chronology of events. The applicants parents questioned their son about any other events from that day that he could have forgotten to disclose. The applicant asked, “No! Why?” with a perplexed expression.

65.17 The parents described how there appear to have now been a couple of racist incidents that day, in his class according to the principal and the two substitute teachers.

65.18 The applicant reasserted that Kevin Elzinga was the ONLY teacher who was presence in the classroom, the ONLY time the comment “HEY MY CHOCOLATE TIMBIT” was made. And he “did not intervene.”

65.19 The parents sent Janice Sargeant an email in an attempt to get some of this confusion straightened out.

65.20 So it has now been established that “one instance the teacher did interrupt and stopped and redirected students. And One teacher did not intervene” And the teacher who “did interrupt” was specifically identified by Janice Sargeant as being the “second teacher.”

65.21 There seem to be some unanswered doubts regarding the veracity of the occurrence and how it was handled. The order of events as described by Janice Sargeant does not match what actually transpired.

I. Janice Sargeant acknowledges that the racist incident stated by the applicant did happen.
II. Janice Sargeant also states that there were two different racist incidences occurred with two substitute teacher.
III. Janice Sargeant admits that these two different racist incidences occurred at to deferent times.
IV. And that the second substitute teacher (Cam Stone) was the one who “did interrupt,” while Kevin Elzinga did not.

65.22 If correct that means Janice Sargeant just stated that there were two racist incidents, in the applicant’s same class, on the same day at Thorold Secondary School. The obvious question that follows is. Was it the same student?

65.23 Since Kevin Elzinga was only teacher present when this racist incident happened. And Kevin Elzinga was the first teacher for the day. Why is the second substitute teacher (Cam Stone) claiming that a new second racist incident occurred when it appears it did not?

65.24 It is clear in the parents email that it neither explained what teacher was present or the time of the incident.

65.25 So in theory Janice Sargeant was left to work it out on her own. And she was unaware of the time or the identity of the teacher during the incident. Janice Sargeant was unable to make any attempts to make up a falsehood to shield a particular teacher at that point. Janice Sargeant could not take the chance of having to covering up the fact that the wrong teacher was being protected!

65.26 So when she approached the second substitute teacher (Cam Stone) and she could not offer a time for the incident. It appears that out of fear the second substitute teacher (Cam Stone) thought that it might have happened during his class and did not catch it. So he choose to make the claim that he heard the two innocent words “Chocolate Timbit” being said and determined it to be offensive and addressed it.

65.27 But for some reason Janice Sargeant decided she still better speak to Kevin Elzinga about this matter before calling it quits on the matter. Obviously something did not sit right with Janice Sargeant with the second substitute teacher (Cam Stone) story; as it appeared to lack some of the applicant’s recollection of events?

65.28 So when Janice Sargeant approached Kevin Elzinga. He stated that in fact he also heard racist comments, but he did nothing to “interrupt” it.

65.29 This now immediately puts Janice Sargeant in a bad spot, as she now has two separate substitute teachers claiming there was a racist student, say racist slurs in their class, despite their only being one incident.

65.30 As Janice Sargeant is unable to determine what teacher was telling the truth and which was lying. She was forced to submit both teachers recollection of both their racist incidents. Janice Sargeant could not take the chance of having to try covering up for the wrong teacher and it back firing because of the parents.

65.31 Janice Sargeant was well aware of how that worked out for Jacqueline Ravazzolo and Kevin Maddalena in the past and the odds were that she wanted nothing to do with that. So instead of running that gauntlet, she offered up both substitute teachers and their stories and let the cards fall where they may.

65.32 It is pretty clear and obvious that the incident did happen during Kevin Elzinga time in class. He admits the incident did happen, and was WILLING TO THROW HIMSELF UNDER THE BUS, risking his job by admitting he did not stop the student.

65.33 One thing that must be pondered is; Why was Kevin Elzinga willing to lay it all on the line and risk everything?

65.34 Was he just being honest as he was overwhelmed by guilt of what happened? Or was he offered some kind of immunity or reassurance that it would not go any further than that conversation?

65.35 Or maybe it resulted in only a quick lecture by Janice Sargeant on DSBN policies? “One teacher did not intervene and the school is taking the appropriate action to ensure this does not happen again.”

65.36 Only Janice Sargeant and Kevin Elzinga can answer these questions as they were the only individuals present during the conversation when Kevin Elzinga confesses. Give it a year and maybe Mary Anne Gage or Kevin Maddalena can place themselves there during the conversation and vouch for a sudden change of events!

65.37 Also as Janice Sargeant stated “it was the second teacher who redirected students after he heard the phrase, “Chocolate Timbit”. One has to wonder if Tim Horton’s is aware that the innocent two word term “Chocolate Timbit” has now become political incorrect and is now considered to be an offence term?

65.38 The truth of on this matter is that the second substitute teacher (Cam Stone) DID address the class that day according to the applicant. But it was not about hearing the two innocent words “Chocolate Timbit” being said. The second substitute teacher (Cam Stone) addressed the class for ONLY their loud behavior.