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“This meeting must occur before your son can return to school”
Discussion: Jacqueline Ravazzolo Email – October 6, 2022

49.1 Jacqueline Ravazzolo made the conscious decision that the applicant was “no longer welcome” in her school until she had an opportunity to question him face-to-face. Jacqueline Ravazzolo already knew she was going to suspend/expel the applicant when she instructed him to leave the school earlier that day, when lying to him that his father was waiting out front to pick him up to take him home.

49.2 The email addressed to the parents and Mary Anne Gage on October 6 at 5:00 p.m. confirms this.

49.3 There is absolutely no “misinterpretation of thoughts” here. Before Jacqueline Ravazzolo and Mary Anne Gage even heard the applicant’s side of the events or learning what actually happened via an email that evening from the parents as agreed to earlier that day. Jacqueline Ravazzolo and Mary Anne Gage had already determined that the applicant would be suspended/expelled when sending the email outlining it that afternoon.

49.4 Recall that the applicant’s father had simply come to the school while working to pick up a set of keys, but Jacqueline Ravazzolo thought it would be the ideal opportunity to suspended/expelled the applicant and send him home with his father without telling them.

49.5 Keep in mind that Jacqueline Ravazzolo did not even inform the father that his son would be arriving at the company vehicle to be taken home. He believed that he was still simply waiting to receiving their sons keys. Jacqueline Ravazzolo was well aware of the father true intentions for being there since she had instructed the office’s secretary to postpone contacting the applicant regarding the keys and she would take care of the situation herself.

49.6 So when Jacqueline Ravazzolo stated to the father “I will send your son right down.” She continues to deliberately keep the father in the dark about her true intentions to suspend/expelled his son at that time from the father.

49.7 The DSBN and other school boards like to play these kinds of games. Jacqueline Ravazzolo had no justification whatsoever for tricking the father. In reality, it was just another ploy to get him to try and react badly. It appears that Jacqueline Ravazzolo hoped to irritate and aggravate the father to the point where he would leave the company car in the school parking lot and come inside the school to confront her about sending the applicant home instead of just picking up house keys.

49.8 In this approach, Jacqueline Ravazzolo could would then propose that they now could also meet to discuss the applicant and what transpired. The way Jacqueline Ravazzolo saw it, if you have time to debate with me about your son going home, then you have time to talk to me about what happened!

49.9 Jacqueline Ravazzolo’s sly and desperate action that failed was obviously intended to elicit a negative reaction. She believed she could outwit and manipulate the applicant’s father into doing something he that he clearly stated he was not willing to do!