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S. Masterson – Encounter Two “Put It Away!”
Timeline: October 06, 2022

41.1 The very next day on October 06, 2022, the applicant along with three female students from his class were on hanging out on the school’s concrete playground around back around at 8:45 am. Represented by the White Circle Labelled 1

41.2 The applicant and one of the female students in their group were both using their cell phones. The applicant was looking through his phone’s music playlists to choose a new song to listen to.

42.3 The applicant and his friends halted from walking and the applicant kept quiet and merely looked at Jacqueline Ravazzolo.

42.4 Jacqueline Ravazzolo again repeated her statement in a no firmer tone “YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO HAVE YOUR PHONE OUT! YOU WILL NEED TO GO TO THE OFFICE AND GIVE ME YOUR PHONE!”

42.5 The applicant replied, “You can go to the office and call my father” and started again walking towards his class queue as his friends followed.

42.6 At that point Jacqueline Ravazzolo turned around and passed the applicant while returning into the school through the identical exit she came out through. Represented by the White Circle Labelled 2

41.7 The applicant and the group of female students also observed that two other female Caucasian students were standing in the same school yard using their phones and S. Masterson did not bother to go out of his way to speak with them about it.

41.8 After laughing and discussing S. Masterson’s actions and how he went out of his way to target and hunt solely the applicant, and after observing his fellow Caucasian students using their phones without being interrupted by S. Masterson.

41.9 The applicant determined that he would no longer let this teacher (S. Materson) harass and bully him into complying with his bias, racist and sexist demands.

41.10 This was the second time S. Materson had gone out of his way in two days to hunt for him. The applicant chose to once again use his phone to search through his music library for a different song from his playlist before school started.

41.11 Once more, as the applicant started using his phone to search for music, and within a short period of time, S. Masterson approached the applicant and the group and again stated “PUT IT AWAY, OR I WILL TAKE IT!” in a harsher and more aggressive voice.

41.12 The applicant responded, “You will not take my phone.”

41.13 S. Masterson replied “GIVE ME YOUR PHONE AND GO TO THE OFFICE NOW!” in an ignorant and authoritarian tone.

41.14 “You are not getting my phone,” the applicant replied, “and I am not going to the office.”

41.15 At that point, S. Masterson turned around and retrieved his own cell phone in order to make a call.