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It Is A Great Thing That The “The Board Recognizes That No One
Candidate May Meet ALL Elements Equally.”

79.1 Now, let’s go over Kelly Pisek’s “Ideal Candidate Profile requirements for the Director of Education.”

  • Proven track record leading student achievement, change and improvement with human rights and equity as foundational. Demonstrated leadership creating inclusive learning environments and in addressing achievement and opportunity gaps.

79.3 One has to ask, what particular accomplishments has Kelly Pisek made throughout her thirty plus years at the DSBN, that would demonstrated to the public her “Proven track record?”

79.4 All that is certain is that Kelly Pisek remained silent while the DSBN and her “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki engaged in illegal hiring practices against racialized applicants who were ONLY applying to DSBN JOB POSTINGS, but were eventually turned down and rejected basis solely because of their race.

79.5 What does the public have as evidence that Kelly Pisek, who served on the Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism Trustee Advisory Committee, do to stop sexism, racism and discrimination within the DSBN?

79.6 We do know that her “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki did confirm, online that “racism still exists” at the DSBN back on November 30, 2020.

79.7 “At the DSBN, we have acknowledged the painful realization that racism, bias, and discrimination is part of our history, and that it still exists in our community. We have known there is work to do to ensure the DSBN is an inclusive and equitable organization. We know our compassion alone is not enough; it is time for change, time to act.”

79.8 This was while Kelly Pisek, a Caucasian female along with her six other Caucasian committee members/co-workers are the ones with the authority to decide on matters pertaining to the DSBN Board and Student Equity and Inclusion & Anti-Racism improvements. Who were obviously never were dedicated to ending racism within the DSBN and “still exists in our community” at the DSBN!

79.9 The truth is that DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki never considered the idea that a person who genuinely identifies as racialized, and has encountered racism and discrimination here in Canada, could possibly be more productive in dealing with racism within the DSBN than Kelly Pisek and her six other Caucasian committee members/co-workers is astonishing!

79.10 What else is astonishing is that these seven Caucasians committee members were unable or unwilling to stop the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki’s unlawful discriminatory hiring and promotion policies that were sexist, discriminatory and racist. This says a lot about them as individuals and as a committee members since they were the DSBN Board and Student Equity and Inclusion & Anti-Racism committee.

79.11 Rather than placing actual racialized people who faced racism and prejudice on a daily basis here in Canada in these committee positions. These seven Caucasians figured they were more entitled, qualified and were only ones who could truly comprehend and fill the needs for these roles.

79.12 The arrogant Kelly Pisek and her arrogant six Caucasian committee members/co-workers came to the conclusion that they were the most suitable and the best fit for the DSBN Board and Student Equity and Inclusion & Anti-Racism committee.

79.13 The fact that Kelly Pisek admits that she idolizes her “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki despite his long history of racism, misandry, discrimination and his preference for hiring and promoting Caucasian females like Kelly Pisek herself, is stunning!

79.14 What can Kelly Pisek show the public and DSBN students from the past 30 plus years she has worked at the DSBN about her ways to “change and improvement with human rights and equity?”

79.15 Kelly Pisek’s lack of action over the past 30 plus years seems to be solely done in support and defense of the illegal discriminatory recruiting and promotion practices of Caucasian females by the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki.

79.16 And at what point in her 30 plus years career at the DSBN did Kelly Pisek ever “Demonstrated leadership creating inclusive learning environments and in addressing achievement and opportunity gaps.”

79.17 Kelly Pisek must have been proving her leadership abilities when Warren Hoshizaki was away on vacation, and was unable to carry out his discriminatory hiring and advancement practices throughout the DSBN.

79.18 As it is evident that Kelly Pisek has NEVER voiced or SHOWN any concerns about this matter to anyone for the last thirty plus years, or at least the last eighteen, while her “extraordinary mentor” the sexist, racist and discriminatory Warren Hoshizaki carried the racist torch that she now carries beginning January 1, 2024. Remember those who stay silent and tow-the-line are reward for their dedication to the DSBN Grand Wizard!

  • Knowledge of the needs of diverse Indigenous communities and students. Will champion the Board’s continued commitment to enhancing educational opportunities and fostering truth and reconciliation for Indigenous students and all students within DSBN. Demonstrated experience in forging strong connections with Indigenous community leaders and understands how to build mutual trust and respect.

79.19 Let us put this out there and ask. What has Kelly Pisek done for the “Indigenous community” in her thirty plus years at the DSBN? We have a proven track record that she did absolutely nothing for the racialized people who were not being hired or promoted by the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki simply because they were racialized

79.20 We do have in 2022 the DSBN handing out an completely insensitive and cultural inappropriate worksheet showing two Indigenous cartoon children, complete in fringed clothing, headbands and a feather eating ice cream.

79.21 Again what is astounding? Is that during Halloween season when students get to wear their customs to school day for that one special day. Students are specifically are expressly instructed not to wear anything that represents a culture’s values or traditions. Geisha, Ninja, Mexican, and Indigenous clothing are a few examples.

79.22 And yet, the DSBN is dispersing worksheets that conspicuously show the same improper behavior, which they are against children dressing up like!

79.23 And let us not that this goes on while Kelly Pisek and her six Caucasian committee members/co-workers are in charge of the Student Equity and Inclusion & Anti-Racism committee and the DSBN Board.

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79.24 And to add insult to injury. The DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Kelly Pisek and her six Caucasian looking committee members/co-workers who were in control and in charge of everything related to the DSBN Board and Student Equity and Inclusion & Anti-Racism improvements have given a WHOLE 29 Indigenous individuals, out of 3,811 census responders employment opportunities at the DSBN.

79.25 They all must be so proud of their “forging strong connections with Indigenous community leaders and understands how to build mutual trust and respect.”

79.26 The DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki BULLSHIT Land Theft Acknowledgement is a reminder to the indigenous families that Caucasians European Colonizers plundered/stoletheir land through violence in the name of self-interest and greed. Then these same European Colonizers then turned around and built residential schools, kidnapped their children and murdered them, buried their lifeless bodies in mass graves to hide their crimes.

79.27 The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) estimated that at least 6,000 children who attended Indian Residential Schools in Ontario are known to have died, while an unknown number are still missing. The TRC research identified hundreds and potentially thousands of locations of unmarked burial sites through the Province and Canada.

79.28 It is a great thing that the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki are so fourth coming with their willingness to flaunt their insensitive European Colonizing and butchering ways of land grabbing/stealing, murdering history with an insignificant Land Acknowledgement spew of bullshit and insincere regret.

79.29 This is an ideal method for the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Kelly Pisek and her six Caucasian committee members/co-workers create a “fostering truth and reconciliation for Indigenous students”

79.30 Like the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Kelly Pisek has done nothing of ANY value for the Indigenous communities and students other than promote the insensitive and condescending BULLSHIT Land Theft Acknowledgement they do day in and day out at DSBN schools!

79.31 Like Mary Anne Gage, it appears that the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and Kelly Pisek believe that if they say things long enough that they can wish it into existence. Let the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki or Kelly Pisek show the HRTO, communities, families and students of the DSBN what she has done of value while “fostering truth and reconciliation for Indigenous students.”

79.32 Because the only way that the DSBN Warren Hoshizaki and Kelly Pisek would have contributed anything of value to the Indigenous community, is if there was a Caucasian female attached to the cause!

  • Demonstrated leadership experience and deep commitment to human rights, equity, diversity, anti-racism, anti-oppression, and inclusion. Understands the changing demographics of DSBN, and will proactively ensure that students, families, staff and communities have voice and see themselves represented in all areas of the organization. Understands that diversity is an emerging strength of this district.
  • Proven reputation as an active listener who consistently and intentionally engages diverse voices within their organization as well as with community partners. Understands the importance of engagement and voice in building public confidence.
  • Demonstrated understanding and appreciation of diverse urban and rural communities. Understands the uniqueness of such diverse communities and the different opportunities and challenges they present. Has a track record of being deeply invested and involved in community/communities.

79.33 Again what exactly has Kelly Pisek done that warrants that she has leadership experience and deep commitment to human rights, equity, diversity, anti-racism, anti-oppression, and inclusion?

79.34 While her sexist, racist, and prejudiced “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki, was violating the rights of racialized individuals through his discriminatory hiring and promotion practices, where was Kelly Pisek and her six Caucasian-looking coworkers who were in charge of everything related to the DSBN Board and Student Equity and Inclusion & Anti-Racism?

79.35 Remember Kelly Pisek arrogantly thinks that she herself, a Caucasian female and her six Caucasian committee members/co-workers in charge of everything related to the DSBN Board and Student Equity and Inclusion & Anti-Racism improvements?

79.36 Kelly Pisek is so ignorant to the White Staffing of her own committee, how can any racialized student or their parents believe that she is committed to the equity, inclusion, and anti-racism of racialized individual? We are all aware that she consciously sat back silently for 30 plus years and accepted and practiced Organizational Whiteness alongside the DSBN and her “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki.

79.37 The DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and now Kelly Pisek and her six Caucasian committee members/co-workers have never been interested in fostering inclusiveness or value diversity in the DSBN racist workforce.

79.38 Instead Kelly Pisek, Darren Van Hooydonk, Ann Gilmore, Leanne Smith, Michael St. John and Shannon Mitchell have joyfully accept the lucrative committee positions, while pretending to believe they are able to better identify and relate with racialized individuals and their dilemma of racism here in Canada than all others.

79.39 And instead of acknowledging their own ignorance of their own prejudices, by not acknowledging and recognized the widespread hiring of White Staffing and racism that exist in the DSBN culture that has been taking place for at least almost two decades.

79.40 They greedily watched on quietly as the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki have a White Supremacy attitude that Caucasian individuals are the ultimate race, the ultimate fixer of all problems and the ultimate experts in all fields.

79.41 It is evident that Caucasian people dominate the upper ranks when looking at the ten highest-paid workers across the DSBN.

79.42 But now instead of Kelly Pisek being the ninth highest paid supporter of racism, sexism and discrimination at the DSBN, she has now become the highest as of January 1, 2024.

  • Decisive and capable of making difficult decisions. Accepts and expects accountability, while successfully mediating and resolving conflicts, as required. Confident and skilled in crisis management.

79.43 What “mediating and resolving conflicts, making difficult decisions and accepts and expects accountability” has Kelly Pisek every had to do while NOT standing up against the racist, sexist and discrimination behavior of the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki for the last know 18 years?

79.44 Please someone from the DSBN show the HRTO one instance where Kelly Pisek voiced a concern relating to anything that the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki was doing? Or one instance of speaking up against the racist DSBN culture that rages against racialized student and racialized DSBN employees?

79.45 It is laughable to think that Kelly Pisek did anything other than thought about herself, her greed and her career when decided NOT to make those difficult decisions to expect accountability for the illegal and corrupt behavior of the DSBN and her bestie and “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki.

  • Personal and professional integrity. Credible, trustworthy and fosters mutual trust and respect. Models an open, authentic, collaborative and inclusive leadership style.

79.46 Personal and professional integrity, credible, trustworthy and fosters mutual trust and respect. At what point in Kelly Pisek entire career at the DSBN did any of this apply? Was it again when Warren Hoshizaki was off sick for a day and was unable to discriminating against racialized individuals or males?

79.47 How can anyone say that Kelly Pisek has any “Personal and professional integrity, credible, trustworthy and fosters mutual trust and respect” when she was part of the problem for 30 plus years?

  • Remember racism did not happen overnight at the DSBN!
  • Sexism did not happen overnight at the DSBN!
  • The unfair hiring and promotions did not happen overnight at the DSBN!

79.48 And Kelly Pisek was there the entire time that her inspiration and buddy Warren Hoshizaki started and she said nothing as she clearly could see what was going on around her every day for almost 20 years!

79.49 It is a great thing that the “The Board recognizes that no one candidate may meet ALL elements equally” because Kelly Pisek failed in anything that related to fairness, equality and acceptance for racialized individuals.

79.50 And as her beliefs and behavior tow-the-line with Warren Hoshizaki. She did not earn the new position, she was rewarded/gifted it for all those silent years of being a “dedicated” employee who ignored and covered up the racist culture and behavior of the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki.

79.51 Out of over 16,000 educational institutions in Canada – 55,000 Ontario education workers and somewhere around 200,000 nationwide. The DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki want everyone to think that they were unable to locate a single person from outside the DSBN who could fill this position more effectively than Kelly Pisek.

79.52 Much like Connaught Public School, they like to do things internally. The DSBN wants to avoid upsetting the school’s culture with a foreigner A.K.A. outsider taking the job. A lot like when the DSBN was happy to promote racist Jacqueline Ravazzolo to the position of principal after the racist Christopher McInnis “retired” abruptly ONLY after 4 months.

79.53 Why? Because like school boards like the DSBN like to change their “blinds, but they’re not changing the furniture inside.” And the fact that the DSBN decided to reward Kelly Pisek, someone who accepted and encourage Warren Hoshizaki disgusting behavior for almost 20 years, says that things are still not going to change even with her as the new Director of Education.

79.54 The DSBN keeps everything intern for as long as they can, hence why they never offered the Black applicant alternative learning options when he was illegally suspend/expelled for 12 days. They did not want to run that chance of a outsider looking into the situation, fearing that someone would have to explain what was really going on.

79.55 Here, the same thing is taking place. The entire DSBN culture is racist; they are aware of what is happening, but they choose to remain silent. The ideal candidate pool from which to choose from.

79.56 Why now introduce a foreigner/outsider who might ask the same questions as this application? Someone who could wish to hold people responsible for their willful inaction in trying to shield Warren Hoshizaki from accountability from his discriminatory, sexist, and racial hiring and promotion practices for almost two decades.

79.57 Some may argue that it is inappropriate to make judgments about Kelly Pisek before she has had a chance to demonstrate her intentions and assume her new role.

79.58 But she has had 30 plus years to demonstrate her intentions. Remember actions always speak louder than words, and in all her years Kelly Pisek has spent at the DSBN, and the eighteen years she spent working for her leader, buddy and “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki. She never voiced concerns for what was going on at the DSBN and what Warren Hoshizaki was doing.

79.59 So it is reasonable to believe that she did not show up on January 1, 2024 with a guns a blazing and wanting to make change. The pattern is, and always will be that Caucasian females rule the DSBN, and now the top spot.

79.60 And as the DSBN has deliberately refused to appoint any foreigner/outsider, it is a clear indicator that change will not materialize in the form of Kelly Pisek. The only way change can happen at the DSBN is when face financial repercussions and accountability for their racist acts that are perpetrated against racialized students or employees. Money Talks, Bullshit Walks!

79.61 Anyone who has worked at the DSBN for thirty plus years, and has sat back, being complacent, who benefited from the racist and discriminatory actions of the DSBN and their “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki. Is no better as the Director of Education than the original offender/Grand Wizard Warren Hoshizaki himself.

79.62 Kelly Pisek has been satisfied for at least the past 18 years with the destruction created by her “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki against racialized individuals who were only responding to simple job posting by the DSBN.

79.63 Kelly Pisek has been satisfied for at least the past 18 years with the destruction created by her “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki when it comes the sexist, racist and discriminatory hiring and promotion programs.

79.64 All Kelly Pisek has ever done, and been, is a barrier to a well needed and justifiable change!

79.65 Kelly Pisek cleary does not deserve or is qualified to be a leader in an organization like the DSBN that needs change. Why? because “It takes courage to speak up against complacency and injustice while others remain silent. But that’s what leadership is. Rosabeth Moss Kanter” And that is something that Kelly Pisek has refused to do since starting at the DSBN thirty plus years ago!

79.66 Every company, institution and enterprise is afraid of its workers becoming complacent. However, at the DSBN, one of the most seasoned and knowledgeable employees Kelly Pisek was selected to be their new Director of Education. Why? Because “changing the furniture inside” was never the DSBN’s objective!

79.67 Did Kelly Pisek just wake up on January 01, 2024 a suddenly have an epiphany, a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization about all the wrongs she has done and witnessed over her thirty plus career years at the DSBN? And now she has suddenly decided to change her racist and sexist discriminatory beliefs for the better?

79.68 As opposed to before when she and committee members/co-workers did nothing as they were in control and in charge of everything related to the DSBN Board and Student Equity and Inclusion & Anti-Racism improvements.

79.69 You know when Kelly Pisek sat around and arrogantly and ignorantly ignored her own White Staffed committee problems and the DSBN’s and its racist culture. While she was in awe of her “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki and his supposedly “ ncredible achievements made during his tenure.”

79.70 At this point the DSBN and their co-defendants would argue what does this have to do with this application?

  • We know racism exist within the DSBN.
  • We know that employees like Kelly Pisek who were in control and in charge of everything related to the DSBN Board and Student Equity and Inclusion & Anti-Racism improvements sat back and did nothing while she idolized her “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki and his behavior of pulverizing and obliterating racialized individuals human rights and dignity because they responded to a DSBN job posting.
  • We know that DSBN employees are willing to lie to cover for themselves and each other.

79.71 This bad faith act by the DSBN to hire from within shows their attempt to protect Warren Hoshizaki and is reputation, and in an essence the DSBN’s own reputation.

79.72 Rewarding Kelly Pisek allows the DSBN the freedom of not having to worry about her rocking the boat, stir up shit and asking question about Warren Hoshizaki previous racist and discriminatory behavior, because she was also an enabler. Kelly Pisek is no situation or position to want to draw concern and attention to it.

79.73 Because Kelly Pisek allowed her “extraordinary mentor” Warren Hoshizaki, to act in a racist manner for eighteen years, she is now unable to even confront other employees for their discriminatory actions.

79.74 The rewarding of the Director of Education to Kelly Pisek by the DSBN was a safe play and a win, win for all!

79.75 Kelly Pisek was the greatest and safest option for the DSBN to safeguard their racist culture. And it’s precisely this kind of discriminatory conduct that never goes away. This is the fearless behavior of the DSBN, since they seem to report to no one.

79.76 For nearly two decades, Kelly Pisek has not been at all impartial in the face of injustice, sexism and appalling conditions within the DSBN. It is obvious that Kelly Pisek has sided with her “extraordinary mentor” the great oppressor Warren Hoshizaki. The known sexist, racist and anti-racialized Director of Education who deliberately discriminated against people of color, all because they applied to a DSBN job posting in an attempt to better their own life!

79.77 The fact that she freely acknowledges that she looks up and idolizes Warren Hoshizaki and considers him to be her “extraordinary mentor” despite being aware of his corrupt morals and principles, demonstrates the true nature of Kelly Pisek and the DSBN. Do you believe Kelly Pisek to be the only employee who is Caucasian with this kind of thinking within the DSBN? No, her opinion is shared by the entire racist culture at the DSBN.