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Turning A Blind Eye

12.1 Why is it that the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki have placed so much demand for a racialized workforce in these 5 smaller communities when there are so many other Municipalities in the Niagara Region that are so underrepresented in their racialized workforce?

12.2 Connaught Public School in St. Catharines serves as a prime illustration of this. Here is a public school that, in February 2023, had a Statistics Canada 2022 estimate racialized population of 15.3%. And still the school still only had 1 racialized staff member working at the school. Mr. Thomas who is the only racialized individual and represents less than 2% of the entire workforce at Connaught Public School.

12.3 Mr. Thomas is very lucky and fortunate individual that Ms. F. Kearns, a Caucasian female and DSBN employee at Connaught Public School is taking some time off. Because if she was not Mr. Thomas would have to start over at a new school and in a new setting. And that would me at that point there would be a 0% presence of racialized individuals working at Connaught Public School, leaving a 100% Caucasian workforce!

12.4 We all sincerely hope that the 98% Caucasian staff at Connaught Public School has been treating the conveniently positioned Mr. Thomas with the same “welcoming and enthusiastic” attitude that they did with the former Caucasian principal of only 4 months, Mr. Christopher McInnis!

12.5 And this demonstrates how racist and out of touch the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and their Caucasian workforce are.

12.6 When you have an 87% Caucasian workforce according to the DSBN Staff Census, and NOT ONE EMPLOYEE WANTS TO SEE WHAT IS OBVIOUSLY HAPPENING IN FRONT OF THEM! And instead they don’t speak up because they don’t care enough.

12.7 This is a blatant example of White Privilege culture and a failure to recognize their own failure to be uncomfortable when they observe the racial inequity within the DSBN on a daily basis.

12.8 Every single employee in the DSBN workforce can clearly see that the sexist and racist DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki prefer;

  • a. to hire females over males,
  • b. to hire Caucasians over any of the 8 racialized groups,
  • c. to hire Persons with Disabilities over any of the 8 racialized groups,
  • d. to offer Caucasians and Person with Disabilities more fulltime and permeant positions over the 8 racialized groups,
  • e. to offer Caucasians and Person with Disabilities more positions of employment over the 8 racialized groups.

12.9 Let the DSBN or Warren Hoshizaki SHOW ONE CASE WHERE 1 CAUCASIAN DSBN EMPLOYEE FROM THE DSBN filed a complaint about it this above statements!

12.10 The DSBN employee culture is that of turning a blind eye to the racial and sexist discrimination occurring all around them, acting like cowards and staying silent, and not rocking the boat so as to keep them paychecks rolling in!

12.11 For whatever reason, the whole DSBN workforce is aware of this racism, sexism, and oppression coming from the top down, but they do nothing about it.

12.12 They regard it and accept it as customary and proper conduct. What wouldn’t lead anyone to believe that if this Organizational Whiteness culture at the DSBN permits this to occur to mature individuals who are applying for jobs with the DSBN or who already work there? What would give anyone the impression that racialized students are treated equally and that any DSBN employee was prepared to speak out about it?