– Page 44 –

Introducing Jennifer Feren and Her Act of Reprisal
Timeline: October 5, 2022

44.1 The parents had repeatedly requested the identity from Mary Anne Gage, Jennifer Feren (a lawyer for the DSBN) of the Caucasian male teacher who had targeted and hunted their son, twice over a two day period for insignificant and trivial issues. They refused to supply the public employees name to the parents in an attempt to potentially protect him from being added and addressed to this HRTO application and material.

44.2 The parents eventually got their son to ask his schoolmates through social media, Discord for the teacher’s name after being ignored by the DSBN for the information.

44.3 Instead of giving the parents the name of the teacher who was hunting and targeting their son. Mary Anne Gage, Jennifer Feren, and the DSBN decided it would be more advantageous for them to withhold it.

44.4 In fact, remember Jennifer Feren who has witnessed the DSBN’s and Warren Hoshizaki’s oppression, discrimination and sexism and said nothing. A DSBN lawyer who literally sat back and did nothing while eating her lunch and looking at her computer every day! Never giving it a second thought to consider that this bias behavior and practice would be a terrible idea.

44.5 Well this Jennifer Feren refused to supply the parents the name of this teacher out of reprisal for claiming their rights to file a complaint alleging discrimination and harassment against their son by the DSBN and members of its workforce.

To: Mary Anne Gage MaryAnne.Gage@dsbn.org
Sent: October 12, 2022

Please have your lawyers forward me the name of the male teacher that called the principal to report that my son was on his phone. I need it for my Human Rights Compliant.

44.6 In any school district parents have the right to inquire about and learn who has access to their children, DSBN employees. The DSBN neither has the right nor the authority to withhold from any parent(s) the name of a public employee who has any kind of unpleasant connection with their child in an attempt to keep it secret and shield them from being held accountable for the events and interactions they themselves were involved in or from being questioned about them.

44.7 It is obvious that Jennifer Feren would have given the parents the teacher’s identity if they had not asserted their rights with the HRTO. Nevertheless, “As a result” of them upholding their rights. She refused them in retaliation for upholding their rights!

44.8 And this was just another instance of the DSBN utilizing stall tactics in the hopes that the parents will finally give up and decide it is not worth the struggle.

44.9 Every staff member’s name is on the list of Connaught Public School profile page on the DSBN website, therefore there is no privacy or confidentiality concern of who works at Connaught Public School.

44.10 Jennifer Feren was simply being vindictive, spiteful, and punishing the parents for no other reason than the fact that they “As a result” were going to claim their rights to file a complaint with the HRTO.

44.11 Reprisal (a legal term that means punishment or retaliation) or threats of reprisal, because a person has either claimed their rights, refused to discriminate against someone else or was a participant in a human rights proceeding.

44.12 And because the parents claimed their rights to file with the HRTO, Jennifer Feren acted out in a reprisal and refused to:

  1. Give them the name of the Public employee who worked at their sons school.
  2. Give them the name of the Public employee who had two negative interaction over two days with their son who worked at their sons school.
  3. Attempted to protect and hide a public employee from being held accountable for his questionable behavior.
  4. Denied the parents their rights to getting clarification of what events transpired.

44.13 However, this is also just another typical instance where Mary Anne Gage and Jennifer Feren trying to do their coworkers a favor by shielding them from accountability or even questions about their highly inappropriate actions and behavior.

44.14 Here is another instance of Mary Anne Gage and now Jennifer Feren following the conventional – One Hand Washes The Other routine. This time, S. Masterson, another teacher is the recipient instead of Kevin Maddalena. This is what is called a beginning of a pattern.

44.15 Remember on November 2, 2022 when Mary Anne Gage stated that Jacqueline Ravazzolo said “she spoke with the applicant in the hallway with his teacher.”

44.16 We must assume that Mary Anne Gage did speak with Kevin Maddalena to confirm Jacqueline Ravazzolo statement that he was there or not?

44.17 And as he was not, it appears that Mary Anne Gage called in her favor from the past from Kevin Maddalena to now lie and support his boss Jacqueline Ravazzolo. Remember it has been over a year later and Kevin Maddalena now wanted to finally speak up and get involved which was conveniently to show support and protect his boss.

44.18 It appears that Mary Anne Gage is the Leader “The Don” of this – One Hand Washes The Oother brigade within the DSBN!