– Closing Points E –


E.1 The DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and Janice Sargeant all support ParentsOfBlackChildren.org an advocacy group working to support families and facilitate equitable outcomes for Black children, through accountability and transformational change to be participants in this situation.

E.2 Additionally, they are included in the DSBN’s list of “Community Connections listed on the DSBN website Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism page that provide advocacy”

E.3 It is evident that the DSBN, the Director of Education himself, Warren Hoshizaki and Janice Sargeant, the principal of Thorold Secondary School have GRAT RESPCT for what ParentsOfBlackChildren.org do for their communities.

E.4 As ParentsOfBlackChildren.org are totally independent of the DSBN, they are being highly recommended by the DSBN and these defendants to intervene and assist the applicant and his family in their situation.

E.5 It is clear that the DSBN and these two defendants highly respect their opinions on the matters like this, and their opinions must care some great weight with them. As if the DSBN and the two defendants did not, then why are they suggestion their intervention and why are they on the DSBN website?

E.6 It is clear that the DSBN and these defendants highly advise the applicant’s parents to “engage any advocate and set up a meeting with us.”

E.7 Just the request itself demonstrates how highly the DSBN and the two defendants respect ParentsOfBlackChildren.org as a possible and positive resource to the applicant and his family in resolving their outstanding issues.

E.8 Having stated that, let us revisit 68.18, where Ms. Charline Grant’s makes a brief remark as she serve as ParentsOfBlackChildren.org chief advocacy officer.

E.9 October 02, 2023 “For the Director of this board to actually refer you to us can only mean one thing, real harm has been done and they don’t know what to do.”

E.10 The HRTO must give ParentsOfBlackChildren.org opinion the same valid and positive weight as the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and Janice Sargeant do as they happily speak and promote for the organizations thoughts and opinions on this Black matters so strongly.

E.11 And as Janice Sargeant was aware of the Ms. Charline Grant’s previous statement from earlier material, Janice Sargeant is still wishes to present ParentsOfBlackChildren.org opinions and thoughts as a potential solution.

E.12 What opinions do the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and Janice Sargeant now have on this above Ms. Charline Grant’s sentence, one must wonder? Does anyone really believe that they agree with this statement?

E.13 The truth is that the opinions that would be expressed about the applicant’s situation by ParentsOfBlackChildren.org are not relevant to the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, or Janice Sargeant. That while their claims of advocating for change seem plausible on paper, nothing at all changes regarding the DSBN’s discriminatory culture.

E.14 The purpose of urging parents to reach out to ParentsOfBlackChildren.org is not to settle any dispute! The DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and the other defendants have known from the beginning that the things they have been doing to the applicant and his family have been wrong. They have never even acknowledged responsibility for their actions, nor have they shown any sympathy for what the applicant has had to endure.

E.15 Is it that the DSBN and these supposedly intelligent people – Warren Hoshizaki and Janice Sargeant are asking ParentsOfBlackChildren.org to step in and verify that what the applicant and his parents are claiming is in fact racist behavior? As they themselves do not have a clear understanding of their own racist behavior?

E.16 What opinions and thoughts could ParentsOfBlackChildren.org offer to the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki, that the General Counsel, Jennifer Feren, Maryam Safdar Ali, their Human Rights ADVISOR, and/or Zakia Hamdani, their Equity CONSULTANT could not?

E.17 It is pretty clear where ParentsOfBlackChildren.org stands on this matter “For the Director of this board to actually refer you to us can only mean one thing, real harm has been done and they don’t know what to do.”

E.18 From the start, neither the DSBN nor the other defendants have acknowledged the parent’s concerns. They never really offered an explanation for their actions, nor did they present any “options” that would have helped the applicant further his studies. The criteria has always been the same: either segregated the applicant and have him work alone independently in or out of school, or try making it as uncomfortable for him to return to the classroom.

E.19 This is a simple decorative suggestion to include ParentsOfBlackChildren.org into the mix. As these intelligent and educated defendants are well aware of the mistakes they have made, and are making. They have done everything within their powers to avoid being held accountable by using time test stall methods throughout Ontario school boards.

E.20 After all if they were not so intelligent and educated in their methods. It would take some extremely talent to be able to develop such an Organizational Whiteness Empire over nearly 20 years. To be able to create a workforce that is so steeped in racism and the tireless efforts they will go through to defend the oppressors of Black children/students rights, would have to be incredible if one was so unaware of one’s own biased behavior.

E.21 The DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and the remaining defendants are not unaware of one’s own biased behavior. They all very much understand what they have and are doing each and every day.

E.22 It is estimated that in order to be considered a true Expert or Master in a skill or subject. A person must have completed between 20,000 and 25,000 hours of experience and training. An analysis of Warren Hoshizaki 28 years as the Director of Education at the DSBN, working ONLY a meager 40 hours per week, for 48 weeks per year with one month off.

E.23 His total experience and training hours in building the ultimate Organizational Whiteness Empire come too a little less than 54,000 hours. Warren Hoshizaki has worked more than twice as many hours as required to become an Expert / Master in the practice of discriminatory, repressive and sexist employment practices.

E.24 This does not exclude the 11,520 hours (1999–2005) he trained and experienced as the Rainy River District School Board’s Director, at which time appears have its own White Staffing concerns occurring.

E.25 It is clear that Warren Hoshizaki’s influence as the Director of each school board is obviously having a detrimental and long-lasting effect! Let hope that he stays “Retired!”