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Canada And The DSBN

13.1 66% of Canadians polled disagreed that Canada was a racist nation, according to a recent Angus Reid Institute poll.

13.2 This means that 2 out of every 3 Canadian individuals think racism doesn’t exist or isn’t a problem in Canada.

13.3 Global News stated “We found that (almost) 50 per cent of Canadians believe it’s OK and actually normal to have racist thoughts,” said Sean Simpson, vice-president of Ipsos Public Affairs.”

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13.4 So 66% of the Canadian general public, random individuals that were selected to participate in the survey believe that Canada is not a racist country and 50% thinks it is normal to have racist thoughts.

13.5 The starting point has thus been defined. What does this mean for the DSBN and its employees? It means the DSBN has a culture that encourages White Staffing or Organizational Whiteness as it is commonly known. Turner Consulting Group made this observation about the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki. Although Turner Consulting Group did not state it directly, it is evident from the recommendations that this is an issue and that it needed to be addressed and fixed.

13.6 Like children, the DSBN workforce has learned through the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki that racism, discrimination, oppression and sexism is acceptable through their known practices of White Staffing and Organizational Whiteness within the DSBN since September 2006.

13.7 The employees of the DSBN come to work every day, observe what is happening and become increasingly more at ease with the environment they are given access to. They become so at ease that they begin to include their own opinions about racialized individuals into their routine employment. They are unafraid because they can see that the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki and other like-minded individuals are guarding them from above.

13.8 Although the DSBN workforce can clearly see what is happening, nothing is being done to address it. Why? Because it is the acceptable culture that at least 66% of the DSBN workforce does not acknowledge exist.

13.9 Keep in mind the laughable justifications the DSBN survey group gave for not being able to complete the 10 minute anonymous survey online for 2 months.

  • a. Feel the questions are too personal and intrusive
  • b. Feel that it is not legal to ask these questions
  • c. Concerned about confidentiality
  • d. Unclear about the purpose of the census or how the information will be used
  • e. Don’t have the time to complete it
  • f. Diversity should not be a consideration when hiring
  • g. Casual or occasional employee
  • h. Will be retiring soon
  • i. Confused this survey with the Equity and Inclusion Survey administered last year for the Employment Systems Review
  • j. Feel the census is a waste of money
  • k. Don’t like to complete surveys
  • l. New employee

13.10 Every single justification offered was utter Bullshit, bar none! And anyone who chooses not to complete the unintrusive survey clearly demonstrates a lack of concern for diversity and equity at the DSBN and feel that they have no need to participate. It is obvious that the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki have thought this way since 2007.

13.11 After realizing what the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki were doing with his sexist and offensive actions, the DSBN workforce immediately got in line and followed their commander and chief without any hesitation.

13.12 Why do you think it has lasted so long, exactly? Since it did not and could not have happened over night, it has taken the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki many years to amass these kinds of stacked numbers among their workforce that are racist and sexist.

13.13 We can assume that 66% of the DSBN staff share the general viewpoint that Canada is not a racist nation. Additionally, that 50% of them also believe that racist thoughts are normal because the DSBN is made up of common and ordinary people from the street.

13.14 Before being hired, DSBN employees were never screened for racist attitudes or behaviors, and it is clear that they are nothing special and are more or less ordinary people working on a school board with a goal of maintaining an Organizational Whiteness control, which keep quiet to keep getting paid and just don’t care.

13.15 Even this writer is astounded by how individuals at the DSBN could still believe that “Diversity should not be a consideration when hiring” and that “the census is a waste of money” in this day and age with so much focus on racialized individuals and their rights that appear to be violated at the DSBN.

13.16 There are individuals who have seen and must have known what was happening all around them, yet they seem to perceive nothing wrong. And so it turns out that racism exists inside the DSBN. The only remaining query is how much of the DSBN workforce? This will be covered at the conclusion of this section.