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Janice Sargeant Fails Her Mandated Obligation
Discussion: September 25, 2023

67.1 Like Janice Sargeant female counterpart principal Jacqueline Ravazzolo. She also failed to properly investigate and deal with the racist incent. The only difference is that she herself was not in the middle of this shit show like Jacqueline Ravazzolo was.

67.2 Instead she deliberately tried to sluffed of the racist incident as not being of value because she is Caucasian and she

I. Could not relate to the seriousness of the situation.
II. She was attempting to protect her employees.
III. And protect a Caucasian student

67.3 Let us review Janice Sargeant’s behavior and handling of the applicant’s situation.

67.4 Instead of approaching the perpetrators of this racist behavior. Janice Sargeant instead decided that it was better to go to the teacher(s) to get their view of what transpired. Which makes sense as you gain your evidence and knowledge of events before confronting the racist student.

67.5 But at that point she stopped. She instruct the actual geography teacher “ began class by addressing the expectation that in this class and in our school our top priorities are to ensure that everyone feels safe, respected, and comfortable. As such, it is the expectations that students use respectful language and behavior at all times.”

67.6 Not that once during this teachers lecture did the teacher use the words racism, racist, discriminatory, prejudice, bigotry, bias, inequity, inequality, inequality racial hatred and racial intolerance. Nothing related to the topic..

67.7 It was as Janice Sargeant said, a lecture about “respectful language and behavior at all times.” The whole speech was about using foul language like Fuck Off, Asshole, Motherfucker, Bitch ect.

67.8 Not a single mention about racial hatred and slurs, not a single mention about the effects this type of speech has on individuals. Not even a warning that “It is imperative that we continue to look within our organization to learn about how to create and model the bias-free and inclusive culture we want our students to experience. We do not, and will not tolerate racism, discrimination, or violence in our schools or in our communities.” Which was hilariously said by Warren Hoshizaki back in June 03, 2020 while he was still stacking his Organizational Whiteness DSBN workforce with Caucasian females!

67.9 Nobody from the DSBN, no even the principal of the school, Janice Sargeant found it important enough even after confirming that the incident as being true. Thought it was a good idea to at least, at a minimum speak to the Caucasian student about his behavior and maybe offer some kind of support.

67.10 It is clear that this Caucasian student does not understand the concept of appropriate behavior in public and that racial slurs about Black students is not a way to become popular. But why would he. Do we think this is the first time this student has spoken this way while in a DSBN classroom? Nope, because he was doing it fearlessly, loudly, in the presence of a DSBN teacher, in the presence of other Black students because he knew that NO ONE would step up to challenge him and he was right!

67.11 Not even Caucasian Janice Sargeant decided to challenge him on his behavior. Instead of approaching the Caucasian student about his behavior, she places the entire blame on her teachers and allows the Caucasian student (like Marcus, Natasha and Hunter) to walk away without ever having to explain anything about their behavior.

67.12 Why? Because that is the DSBN Organizational Whiteness culture.

67.13 Luckily this time the applicant did not react and did not speak up. But why would he when Kevin Elzinga seen nothing wrong with it.

67.14 Janice Sargeant decided that it was way easier to just place blame solely on Kevin Elzinga who refused to acknowledge the issue at the time and she also unexpectedly incorporated the second substitute teacher (Cam Stone) for some unknown reason, who clearly lied when saying that a second racist incident happened and luckily for the applicant he addressed an incident that never happened.

67.15 We can see again that when the DSBN and their employees get confronted with racial issues and their behavior. They again are more than willing to lie to avoid be held accountable. The hilarious part is that the second teacher had no reason to lie. As there was no second incident and therefore there was no need to address a problem that did not exist.

67.16 Again one has to think that the second teacher got scared and decided to cover his own ass and made this claim in an attempt to protect himself. But instead all he did was show the deceptive nature of DSBN employees, like Jacqueline Ravazzolo and Kevin Maddalena when they felt the need to protect themselves or their bosses.

67.17 So back to Janice Sargeant who does not discuss the matter with the racist student, in fact does she even know who the student is?

67.18 As she never had any desire to speak with him, she probably does not even know who he is, even after being pointed out by the applicant. Janice Sargeant instead of dealing with the problem directly, she walks away and “worked with our equity team and have already included Equity Connections as part of our upcoming PD day on October 6th. Staff will also be participating in DSBN Equity Cafe Learning sessions.”

67.19 That is fantastic, Janice Sargeant is teaching her grown professional adults how to behave in their own classrooms and that racism and racist slurs are not appropriate during a “Café learning environment” where grown professional should ALL READY KNOW BETTER!

67.20 One has to wonder how is it possible these grown professional teachers are able to teach children complex subjects and topics and are allow to show them to use machinery, when they themselves are so inept on what racism looks and sounds like and can not understand that it is NOT SUPPOSE TO BE tolerated within the DSBN!

67.21 I guess the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki prefer to high Caucasian individuals who have book sense and no common sense. Because even a seven year old child knows not to say such inappropriate and hurtful words!

67.22 Janice Sargeant like the DSBN and her fellow DSBN counter parts Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage, Jacqueline Ravazzolo and Kevin Maddalena did the bare minimum to address the issue and concerns of the Black applicant and the parents with what appears to be an attempt to protect her teachers and certainly the Caucasian student.

67.23 Janice Sargeant inability to address the issue accordingly, and her lack of intent to truly resolve it clearly shows. One is left to wonder how many times must this type of incidents must occur before Janice Sargeant would actual speak to the student(s)?

67.24 Clearly Janice Sargeant does not have the best interest and safety of the Black applicant on the mind. Instead she has it on the back burn. hoping that this will not become a routine that she will unfortunately have to deal with.

67.25 Why is it that Janice Sargeant refuse to deal with it properly and conduct a FULL investigation the first time? Does the applicant not have the right to have this concerns addressed during a first round? Does Janice Sargeant think like that because it was not direct specifically at the applicant that it makes it some less offensive and tolerable?

67.26 One has to wonder do Caucasian students also get preferential treatment in Thorold Secondary School like they do at Connaught Public school. It appears so! Seems that there is a pattern growing here,