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Caucasian Bully Hunter – Encounter Three
Timeline: October 6, 2022

46.1 Later on that the same days as the cell phone situation with S. Masterson, Jacqueline Ravazzolo and Kevin Maddalena. The applicant was talking with a fellow student a very close and good friend, who also happens to be Autistic, during French class.

46.2 The applicant’s Autistic friend noticed while they were talking a tennis ball on the floor that had come off from the leg of one of the chairs by him. So;

  • while still talking to his friend the applicant. The Autistic student walked over and picked up the tennis ball.
  • turned around, knelt down and picked up the chair with missing tennis ball on the leg,
  • he turned the chair over, replaced the missing tennis ball on the leg, and
  • returned the chair to its proper position.
  • Then turned around and started heading back towards his own seat near where the applicant was sitting.

46.3 Hunter, the Caucasian bully who has a history of bullying the applicant and his friends chose this day to start again.

46.4 The day prior to this very day, Hunter the bully had three different altercations/fights with three different students while at attending school that day. And as you can see not a single Connaught Public School/DSBN employee was motivated to hold the bully Hunter accountable for his behavior by applying the DSBN Disciplinary Policy for the day before.

46.5 After the applicant Autistic friend replaced the tennis ball to the chair lag, the bully Hunter;

  • grab the same chair,
  • turned it over,
  • removed the replaced tennis ball and
  • threw the tennis ball in the student’s general direction while telling him to “Go Get The Ball” as if the Autistic student was a dog playing fetch.

46.6 When the tennis ball hit a chair and began to bounce around the classroom, The French teacher, E. Bourke heard it, looked up and stated, “Hunter, Stop Throwing The Ball!” as she watched the Autistic student go about 20 feet to get the tennis ball.

46.7 After the bully Hunter threw the ball and stated “Go Get The Ball!” The Autistic student;

  • again walked over,
  • picked up the tennis ball,
  • turned the chair over,
  • replaced the missing tennis ball on the leg and returned the chair to its proper position.
  • then he again turned and started to return to his own seat.

46.8 As the Autistic student again was heading back to his seat when Hunter proceeded to repeat the same bully behavior, this time saying “Dumbass!” while throwing the ball in the opposite direction of the Autistic student.

46.9 And again the Autistic student repeated the same steps as previously before.

  • walked over,
  • picked up the tennis ball,
  • returned and again turned the chair over,
  • replaced the missing tennis ball on the leg and returned the chair to its proper position.
  • and yet again turned and started to return to his own seat again.

46.10 For a third time when presented with the opportunity to bully the Autistic student.

  • Hunter picked up the chair,
  • turned it over,
  • removed the ball,
  • and again threw it away from the autistic student stating “You’re A Fucking Idiot!”

46.11 Once more, the tennis ball was thrown away from the direction of the Autistic student, and this time it again hit a chair, generating noise.

46.12 As the Autistic student once again walked about 20 feet to fetch the tennis ball, the French teacher E. Bourke looked up in their direction and said, “Hunter stop throwing the ball!” While again watching the Autistic student retrieve the tennis ball.

46.13 And again once more replacing the tennis ball on the chair leg, the autistic student replied to Hunter “I am not an idiot, do not call me that PLEASE!”

46.14 And for a fourth time. Unfazed by the Autistic pleas to please stop. Hunter continued to bully the Autistic student by once again.

  • picking up the chair,
  • turning it over,
  • removing the ball and throwing it again while stating “Retard!”

46.15 And once again the Autistic student walked over to retrieve the tennis from the same general areas as the previous 3 times and place it back on the chair leg.

46.16 After the Autistic student replaced the tennis ball. The applicant told him to stop getting the ball and bringing the back. At the time the bully Hunter said something to the student with Autism, which caused the him to turn around and face Hunter.

46.17 Hunter had already begun aggressively removing the ball when the autistic student turned to face him. However, this time, when Hunter was finished, he threw the ball directly at the Autistic student’s face/throat.

46.18 As soon as Hunter threw the ball, he stood up and started to move towards the applicant’s good friend. The applicant instantly leaped out of his seat and took a position in front of Hunter, who was now standing in front of him, and his Autistic friend behind him.

46.19 Hunter purposefully walked up very close to the applicant while puffing out his chest, breathing hard, and squeezing both of his hands into fists. The applicant stated, “If you want to do this, we can, but this is not going to be good for you!”

46.20 Hunter then proceeds to move even closer, bumping his chest against the applicant who instantly reacted in fear of Hunter and his aggressive behavior.

46.21 The applicant knew that Hunter had no problem using violence to make his point since he had seen all three of the physical altercations that Hunter had been involved in the day before.

46.22 The applicant also remembered his own previous encounters with Hunter, including the time he assaulted his best friend R*** and the previous time he kicked him in the back and ass as he lay on the ground less than two weeks prior. At that moment, the applicant made the decision to avoid becoming another victim of Hunter’s violent behavior.

46.23 The applicant grabbed Hunter by the front of his shirt and pinned him against the wall. As Hunter had displayed all the characteristics of aggression and had again intentionally made first physical contact with him, the applicant at the time believed that Hunter posed a physical threat to both himself and his friend, the Autistic student.

46.24 As the applicant was hitting Hunter in his side, Hunter tried to lean forward which caused the applicant to strike Hunter only once in side of his head.

46.25 E. Bourke, the French instructor, now finally decided to step in at this moment. She stood up, and first turned off the music, and went over and pulled Hunter away and to the side, placing him behind her to protect him while yelling the applicant’s name.

46.26 When that happened, the applicant stopped immediately and said “(Autistic students name) IS A GOOD FUCKING KID, LEAVE HIM ALONE! THERE IS NO FUCKING REASON TO TEASE HIM!”

46.27 At that point, E. Bourke, asked everyone in the class to leave and go back to their homeroom. The applicant made the decision to leave as well because he no longer wished to be in the area and situation.

46.28 When the applicant was on his way out the door, heading back to his homeroom the French teacher E. Bourke called out to him by name and the applicant responded, “Talk to my father!” E. Bourke did not press the matter further at that moment and allowed the applicant to leave the vicinity.

46.29 As the applicant was walking back to his homeroom, he noticed Kevin Maddalena walking towards him and heard the French teacher E. Bourke, who called out to him in hallway.

46.30 The applicant then went inside his homeroom, took his seat and seen the two teachers talking in the hallway. The applicant gathered his thoughts and then called his father on his phone to explain what had just occurred.

46.31 The father reassured the applicant that “All is fine, you did the right thing, Hunter does not have the right to bully and assault you or your friend!”

46.32 As the phone call was taking place, Kevin Maddalena entered the classroom and stood over the applicant and listened and watched in silence.

46.33 After the applicant, hung up the phone. Kevin Maddalena asked “What are we going to do now?”

46.34 The applicant replied “I’m going to art class” and Kevin Maddalena replied “Okay”

46.35 While the applicant was speaking with his father on the phone, the applicant’s class had already left to go to art class. As the applicant went to exit the class room, Kevin Maddalena stopped the applicant and said “I’m not going to say it was a good thing or a bad thing what your did. But thank you for protecting (Autistic Students Name)”

46.36 The applicant did not respond and carried on towards his art class and into the hallway.