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Resolving The Situation
Discussion: Mary Anne Gage Email – November 08, 2021

28.1 So, according to Jacqueline Ravazzolo “When asked how the situation can be resolved, your son offered to apologize for his own actions.”

28.2 What we do know as a FACT is that that the Caucasian Jacqueline Ravazzolo never bothered to ask the Caucasian bully Marcus how the situation may be resolved, as stated in the email received on November 2nd, 2021 from Mary Anne Gage.

28.3 This is apparent because Marcus was never asked to stop and apologize to the applicant for the anguish and vile behavior he had said and did during the previous two weeks.

28.4 And like Kevin Maddalena, all DSBN employees ever did in their attempts to safeguard the bully Marcus was ignore or make excuses for his behavior and urge the applicant to stay away from him.

28.5 The DSBN employees were well aware that the applicant was not going out of his way to find and interact with Marcus, only so that Marcus could torment him. Even so, not a single member of the Connaught Public School personnel from whom the applicant sought assistance could be bothered to conduct an investigation on the applicant’s behalf.

28.6 All the applicant wanted at school is to be liked, to not be bullied, and to get along with everyone, including his teacher Kevin Maddalena. So, yes, the applicant did offer to apologize to Marcus, which is 100% correct. But what Jacqueline Ravazzolo, Christopher McInnis and Mary Anne Gage so conveniently have forgotten to leave out is how we got to that point of the applicant apologizing to is bully Marcus.

28.7 What Jacqueline Ravazzolo, Christopher McInnis and Mary Anne Gage do not refute and purposefully leave out is that Jacqueline Ravazzolo guilted the applicant into apologizing with “You do not have to apologize, but if you do apologize, it reflects on what type of person you are… a good kid”

28.8 So what Jacqueline Ravazzolo did to the applicant was to manipulate him into apologizing in exchange for the prize of being considered as the “good kid” while implying that Marcus was the bad kid in all of this.

28.9 And despite Jacqueline Ravazzolo implying to the applicant that Marcus was the BAD KID in this whole situation. He was still not forced or guilted into apologize to the applicant by her.

28.10 Although what Jacqueline Ravazzolo, Christopher McInnis and Mary Anne Gage claimed is partially accurate. The applicant did offer to apologize, but it was merely to keep a good impression and in favor with Jacqueline Ravazzolo, his school’s vice principal of whom he had just seen for the first time. The candidate desired to maintain his Jacqueline Ravazzolo “good kid” reputation with someone he believed cared for him.

28.11 The applicant did not apologize because he felt remorseful for his actions. In fact, he has no regrets about what he did to the bully Marcus. The applicant did not feel sorry for dealing with his Caucasian bully Marcus after seeking aid from the DSBN staff on multiple occasions and receiving nothing except that he “should play somewhere else” and “find something else to do and keep away from him.”