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Caucasian Bully Hunter – Encounter Two – C. Vizzari
Timeline: September 24, 2022

39.1 On September 24, 2022 the applicant gets into a second altercation with the Caucasian bully Hunter. As you may recall on October 6, 2021 the applicant had to step in on behalf of his best friend R* because Hunter likes to bully and target those who look and/or act different than him and are the applicant’s friends.

39.2 The applicant told his parents about his second run-in with the bully Hunter. And once again the parents quickly forwarded an email to the now promoted principal Jacqueline Ravazzolo and school trustee Mary Anne Gage requesting clarification and answers.

39.3 However, despite the bully Hunter being a repeat bully offender. The DSBN Code of Conduct and Student Discipline again was not enforced. It appears that again Jacqueline Ravazzolo and Mary Anne Gage seem to be particularly fond of the Caucasian bully Hunter and that they have once more decided to ignore the applicant’s rights to attend and be part of a safe and inclusive school system.

39.4 When will this pattern of behavior by the DSBN and its staff stop and start treating the idea that bullying might need to be addressed seriously and head on verses merely offering lip service? One has to wonder how much of the DSBN annual budget of almost six hundred million is allocated to actually ending bullying and racism.