Material 1 – DSBN

Njeri Damali Sojourner-Campbel

On February 29, 2024 the applicant and his family received and email from the HRTO that had an attched email and letter that was sent to the HRTO the day prior from Njeri Damali Sojourner-Campbell who states that she now represents the  DSBN.

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It is nice to finally see that the DSBN has now suddenly started to include some diversity within their Organizational Whiteness community, even if it is from outside.

One must say that it is a start, even if it is convient!

In response the family sent an email to the HRTO in regards to Njeri Damali Sojourner-Campbel behaviour and the HRTO lack of enforcement.

The applicants filed two Form 10 – Request for an Order During Proceedings requesting that an Order be made to mandate Njeri Damali Sojourner-Campbel to inculde the applicants and all Co-defendanst in ANY future coraspondence in the future,

Additionally, a Form 10 Request for an explanation from the HRTO asks why they permit and appear to be encouraging Njeri Damali Sojourner-Campbel to submit documents that look to be a covert request for a review and a final ruling or order on the matter without consulting our family.